10 Most Exciting Scenes (with video clips) from the Fast and The Furious Franchise

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I just watched the entire Fast and the Furious oeuvre, and here are my Top 10 Favorite F&F Action Scenes. It’s listed from top to bottom, with Number 1 being the BEST scene. Agree, disagree? Comment below which scenes you thought were most exciting after viewing the clips here. I could have easily added another half dozen scenes.

#10 — Fast Five: Opening Scene (1:13)

My only problem with this scene was seeing the bus rolling over, and over, and over, thinking: ummmmm, you know you might have just killed the guy you were trying to rescue, right? 🙂

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#9 — Fate of the Furious: Havana Race Scene (5:18)

So ridiculously over the top. How can you not love it?

#8 — Fast and Furious 4: Gas Scene (7:00)

Driving under the tanker full of gas at the very end: that’s something Riddick would do.

#7 — Fast and Furious 4: Kidnapping Braga (Desert Escape) Scene (6:45)

Cars, crashes, humor, and video game level action.

#6 — Fast and Furious 6: Ending Plane Chase Scene (5:28)

Gisel sacrificing herself for Han. This was the first dramatic death in the franchise. Ouch! (No, Letty’s death scene doesn’t count, because we knew that wasn’t going to stick.)

#5 — Fast and Furious 7: Bus Rescue Scene (6:14)

Just another day at the office for these guys.

#4 — Fast Five: Stealing the Vault Scene (6:10)

This was the first scene in the franchise that my wife and I really reacted to. It was just fun to watch that much carnage, no matter how impossible it is for those cars to pull that vault that fast.

#3 — Fast and Furious 7: Car Jump Scene (3:45)

This scene was made all the better by setting up the “Dom, cars don’t fly,” line from Brian, earlier in the movie.

#2 — Fate of the Furious: Zombie Cars Scene (5:10)

OMG. This was brilliant. Forget the fact that it doesn’t work this way. This is F&F; go with it.

#1 — Fate of the Furious: Baby Rescue Scene (5:35)

This was such an adorable scene. No one could have pulled this off better than Jason Statham, other than maybe Dwayne Johnson. Yeah, he could have done it as good, or better. Hey, these two should make an action movie together. That would be the best! 😉

What do you think? What’s your Top 10 F& F chase scenes??


10 Most Exciting Scenes (with video clips) from the Fast and The Furious Franchise

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  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Fun stuff! I wish I was further into the series at this point to say if I agree or disagree with your choices, and I don’t want to spoiler myself by watching all these clips beforehand…but I remember really liking, in the 2009 movie, the US/Mex borderlands chase scene at night.

    Watching those high speed turns underground, with the girl announcing how many minutes were left, was nail-biting fun. Even though I’m sure half of the drivers would have plowed into the strut supports and collapsed the passage in on them, had this been real. There were just too many drivers, right on each others’ asses, going too fast.

    Wouldn’t happen. It looked and felt like a video game sequence, but I really liked the change of setting by being underground. You don’t see that every day, not in the movies. This was the first chase that I didn’t want to fast forward (furiously?) through. 🙂

    I look forward to catching the rest of the series before I get to H&S.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Okay, finally caught up now. You’re missing two of the best scenes, IMO.

    * The crazy ass tank scene on the what must be the world’s longest bridge in 6 (I think). So much carnage of innocent drivers in the highway was offputting, but I can’t deny how amazing the set piece was. That was a superb chase. That was the Terminator of tanks.

    * Cars jumping out of planes. (FF7) Full stop. Poor Roman. I would absolutely do this. It looked super fun.

    I thought seeing Dom driving, in essence, a bomb, on fire, BACKWARDS, was brilliant. (FF8) Who comes up with these ideas???

    And yes, leaping between the three towers in Abu Dhabi was just kick ass. More brilliance. I know these are fantasy movies, so I just go with it.

    I hope we see more of Dom and Family, and not just Hobbs. I haven’t warmed up to Shaw at all. But then I haven’t seen H&S yet.

    • Dan Gardner Administrator

      Yeah, those scenes definitely were on my list of consideration.

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