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Times You Might Need To Leave The Cinema (Non-Bathroom Related)

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We’re all used to preparing for a movie by emptying our bladders and making a note of the best times to run out if necessary. Bathroom breaks are certainly the most common occasions. However they are not the only ones.

There are a number of other times you might need to leave the cinema that you have not taken into consideration. Before walking into that movie, think of the following.

Coughs and sniffles

In the past, excessive coughing during a movie would annoy a lot of people. In today’s world, coughing in a cinema might get the other patrons to turn on you! That said, sometimes you have an itch in your throat or a stuck piece of popcorn. You can only hold the cough in for so long.

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Find the right time to run out and get it out of your system. Have some tissues on you to blow your nose as well. No one likes the sound of sniffling or nose-blowing in the cinema, and you’ll feel particularly self-conscious doing so.

Cleaning your glasses

I just bought a new pair of glasses online and I’m already having nightmares about wearing them to the cinema. The reason is that I’m a mess during a movie, getting greasy fingers on everything, especially if I need to wear 3D glasses. I am super careful with my glasses as well, and don’t want to clean them with a scratchy shirt or the inside of a pocket.

So I carry a glasses cleaning cloth around, and will always use a bit of water. At the cinema, this means leaving for a minute to go take care of this business. It is as important as a pee break, as I want to see the screen perfectly, and any grease will bother me until it is gone!

Taking care of children

Taking children to the cinema is its own kind of hell, but when you’re watching the new Disney movie, it’s something that is rewarding as well. The problem is that kids find it hard to sit still for even an hour and a half. This means that you’re going to be running out with them to take them to the bathroom, get their chattering out of their system, and give them a bit of a walk or buy a box of Raisinets.

Just because you are watching a children’s movie does not mean you are going to be happy to miss anything. Plan your breaks in advance, so that you can enjoy the movie without having to constantly worry.

Phone a friend

There are few realities in which phoning a friend during a movie is a good idea. But if you have the sort of friends who arrive late to everything, you might need to check up on where they are or explain to them how to find you.

Don’t simply phone them whenever they’re ready. Wait for the perfect time in the movie, so that you don’t miss anything because of their lack of consideration.

What other times do you run out of the cinema? Have we forgotten any?

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