The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – movie review

WalterMittyGrade: B+

I enjoyed the movie but I didn’t love it. I was really hoping this would rank up there with the classic inspirational movies, such as Dead Poets Society,  Good Will Hunting, et al., but it didn’t quite make that kind of impression on me. (Maybe it’s because I was concentrating on finding Peetimes.) Nonetheless, I look forward to watching it again when it’s on DVD. Maybe it will grow on me.

The acting and casting are perfect. Sean Penn was the ideal choice for the photographer Sean O’Connell. His role was just a little more than a cameo but it he nailed it.

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I think it would have been just a little better if they had spent just a little more time showing the travels and adventures of Walter Mitty. We never got to see him trying to set up his tent on a glacier or struggling to eat what little food he had or even try and navigate. It would have been nice if we could have seen a progression of Walter going through more and more demanding situations where he has to manage on his own. Unfortunately we have to imply that he did those things.

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