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The Charlie’s Angels reboot comes out soon, starring one of my favorite actresses: Kristen Stewart.  She began acting at age eight and has nineteen years of experience under her belt, giving her quite a resume.  So for anyone who wants to catch up on her career before the new movie, or who just wants to worship at the shrine of Kristen, here are her most essential films.

Panic Room

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From a young age, Kristen Stewart had the chops to be an actor.  She gave a memorable performance in one of my favorite thrillers as Jodie Foster’s daughter.  The two of them are terrorized by three robbers and have to hole up in a panic room (an impenetrable room designed to keep homeowners safe).


At age 13, Stewart gave a mature performance in this made-for-TV-movie based on the popular YA book.  She plays a teenage rape victim who becomes an outcast and stops talking.  It’s heavy material that’s handled very well.

New Moon

This is easily the best of the Twilight films.  Stewart’s heartbreak as a lovelorn Bella is palpable.  This also has the best soundtrack of all the films….and the funniest scenes with Anna Kendrick’s Jessica.  This is probably the movie where Bella is most active in pursuing both Jake and Edward.


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Stewart plays the girl next door in this comedy about a run down amusement park.  A welcome break from Bella Swann, Stewart is the more mysterious and unattainable object of Jesse Eisenberg’s affections.  This was their first pairing together.

The Runaways

Stewart went against type to play bad girl rocker Joan Jett.  Her performance helps to anchor this rock biopic, featuring Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie.  Michael Shannon steals scenes as manager Kim Fowley.

Snow White and the Huntsman

This is one of Stewart’s most commercial and best known roles outside of the Twilight films.  This dark take on the classic fairy tale doesn’t really get good until towards the end.  But once Stewart’s Snow White finds her power and begins to lead a revolution, you’ll find yourself wanting more.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Kristen Stewart became the first American actress to ever win a César Award (the French Oscar) for her performance in this film.  Stewart plays the personal assistant to Juliet Binoche.  Binoche plays an actress cast as the older character in a lesbian drama, who wrestles with jealousy and insecurity while preparing for the role.  There is some sexual tension between her and Stewart.

Still Alice

This weepie isn’t one of my favorite films (Julianne Moore should have won her Oscar for Freeheld instead), but Stewart gives a solid supporting performance as the daughter.  Her scenes with Moore feel authentic.

American Ultra

This is Stewart’s second pairing with Jesse Eisenberg.  This unexpected action film goes a little bonkers with the violence, but it’s a fun ride.


Personal Shopper


Stewart teamed up with Clouds director Olivier Assayas again for this haunting drama.  She plays a personal shopper, trying to make contact with her twin brother who has passed away.


Kristen Stewart hasn’t garnered an Oscar nomination yet.  However, she keeps choosing interesting and surprising roles.  And she continues to play characters from all walks of life.  So it’s probably only a matter of time.

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Movie Review – Charlie’s Angels

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4 responses to “The Essential Kristen Stewart – Her Best Films”

  1. I’m sorry, but KS is a horrible actress. She has no emotion, no believable or different facial expressions or affect. Funnily enough, Still Alice was the only role I’ve ever like her. If she ever does get an oscar nod, it will be ridiculous,and if she wins, It will only solidify the fact Hollywood is a mess.

    1. It’s interesting how different people perceive her. I’m not a fan either, but somehow she carries big roles on her shoulders. Someone sees something in her.

      1. Jeez, everybody’s a critic. I obviously have a fondness for her or I wouldn’t have written this post. I am aware that sone people find her demeanor off-putting. I wonder if she would be perceived differently if she hadn’t been cast in a high-profile role/series so early in her career. I think people expected someone more traditionally beautiful to play the role of Bella.

        1. My opinion is only based on the Twilight movies, which were a mixed bag ( i loved the books the first time I read them, and then did a re-read where I wondered about my original taste level, yick), and Snow White and the Huntsman, which I thought was pretty iffy ( i recently watched both 1 and 2 for the first time).

          Being a huge fan of fantasy, I ‘m pretty harsh in my opinions of my favorite genres (sci fi/fantasy/superhero). Maleficent 1 and 2 were really great re-interpretations, IMO, but Snow White was kind of a missed opportunity. I though it lacked any semblance of charm or freshness. Even the evil stepmother was just phoning it in. Again, IMO. Only the dwarves seemed to have fun.

          RunPee Sis wrote in her review that Stewart did a great job in Charlie’s Angels. So I’m glad to hear that. That’s something I won’t see until it comes out for streaming. I cordially dislike reboots. Sometimes I find them very impressive (Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Conner Chronicles, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Into the Spider-Verse), but most of the time I just want to let the story die already. I, for one, don’t relish any re-telling of the classic Star-Wars series, The Lord of the Rings, or Indiana Jones because I see no need to re-do something already done right. I’d rather see a pre-existing storyline enlarged. Soooo, I prefer soft reboots over hard reboots. I’m not happy with the new Star Treks either. I’d rather see the universe picked up where Voyager left off. For this reason, I’m excited for the Picard Trek show! And I’ll watch The Mandalorian.

          Back to KS. Maybe fantasy isn’t Stewart’s thing. Or she could have been hampered by scripts or directing, IDK. As Dan said about Twilight, she had exactly one (subdued/ emo) expression the whole time. The only time she came to life was opposite the Jacob character.

          But that’s all I’ve seen her in. And she seems like a temperamental actress, so that colors my opinion too. And she also has one of the clearest examples of Resting Bitch Face ever. 😉

          But again, my opinion. I admit I have terrible taste in movies. I only like geeky stuff. For something else to come along and charm me, like Peanut Butter Falcon, is rare indeed.

          You made a really great article, though. Maybe I’ll catch some of her other work and change my mind. So I appreciate that!

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