JB, Or Not JB, That Is The Question

Imagine if Ian Fleming had been a US Marine rather than British Naval Intelligence. Furthermore, imagine if he’d written about a secret agent operating in the dying embers of the Cold War rather than during the whitest of white hot parts. Let’s just say, imagine if he was Robert Ludlum rather than Ian Fleming. So […]


The Giant James Bond Rewatch – For Your Eyes Only (1981)

I don’t think it is any secret that, in my ever so humble opinion, Roger Moore was the worst Bond ever. Hell’s teeth, I even think Woody Allen and Daliah Lavi made a better fist of the job. But I know that there are fans of the Moore-era, as will be seen when my editor […]


The Giant James Bond Rewatch – Dr. No (1962)

Looking back, it’s almost impossible to imagine that Albert R Broccoli and Harry Saltzman didn’t know that, with Dr. No, they were establishing a film franchise to become the second longest-running in the world. At fifty-nine years the only thing that’s outlasted it is Godzilla, which began in 1954 and is still going. When you […]


James Bond Rewatch – Live and Let Die (1973)

Roger Moore is my favorite James Bond, and Live & Let Die is my favorite Bond film. Do you remember your 1st Bond film in the theater? (Mine was 1979’s Moonraker, which has SPACE in it, and thus I loved it.) So it’s natural that Moore was ‘my’ Bond. Moore also did the most Bond […]