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Why Do Bad Guys Smoke in the Movies?

Bad guys are smoking in the Movies It seems like smoking cigarettes is movie code for Villain Ahead. Why do the bad guys light up so much? It’s terrible for our lungs/longevity, but we’ve been brought up by the media to see smoking as cool and somewhat sexy (like a femme fatale), or miserably low-class […]

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Bad guys can’t use an iPhone on camera

Apple does not allow bad guys to use an iPhone on camera in a movie. Seriously, this is a thing. You can hear Knives Out director Rian Johnson spill the secret in this entertaining video below, where he breaks down a scene from Knives Out. I’ve linked the video to the specific spot (2:50) where he discusses […]

A Buffy Revival – Vampires Spike and Angel Could Absolutely Do a Movie

Note the following: David Boreanaz says he’s done playing Angel. Joss Whedon (creator, writer, editor, director, minor deity) has also said he’d make a Buffy movie if the heavens willed it so. We think David would return with the right offer. With Bones finished, isn’t he free now? And I don’t think James Marsters (Spike) […]


Every Groundhog Day Type Movie & TV Episode – The Ultimate Repeating Day List

Here it is: the internet’s top list of every Groundhog Day Loop film or television episode for you to track down and watch (and we add more all the time) Groundhog Day is February 2nd in the US, and it’s a truly bizarre national holiday. The premise: a large rodent might see its shadow, predicting […]