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Review: The Hangover

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The Hangover isn’t the sort of movie I usually go for. Movies in this genre tend to be crude for the sake of crudeness. The Hangover isn’t like that. All of the characters are likable. There’s no maliciousness between them that wouldn’t be normal for any group of guys. And they bond together as the movie goes on. As opposed to a movie like Very Bad Things ( 1998 ) which has a similar theme but ends up driving the characters apart.

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The Hangover

The movie plays out unexpectedly as a mystery. Four friends go to Vegas … tell me if you’ve heard this one before … for a bachelor party. The morning after we see Phil, Stu and Alan wake up in their hotel room to find the place trashed and a few inexplicable additions. Plus one major subtraction: the groom. Thus begins the mystery. They have no memory of the previous evening and begin piecing clues together as they search for their friend.

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There were some good laughs and the pacing worked well. I had to see it to get the PeeTimes and I’m glad I did.

What did you think about The Hangover? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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7 responses to “Review: The Hangover”

  1. Echo_yas Avatar

    I just saw the Hangover tonight. Sorry I have to disagree about the second runpee time, the taser gun demo on the one character is very essential to the story, it proves that he needs more than a taser gun to put him out, just as in the pills he slipped into their drinks during the toast on the roof.

    1. @Echo_yas, Good point. I’m going to add a voting feature so that you can pick the best PeeTime for a movie. Some are certainly better than others.

  2. 13 attendees
    “ Good movie, good company and great conversation after the movie. ”

    “ The movie was hysterical and the group was really fun. ”

    Chris Utley

    “ This movie was f***ing hilarious!! ”

    1. @BustAGroove, sounds like all thumbs up. Glad you liked it.

  3. Well , at the very end , along with the credits , are short – bits showing what happened in Vegas prior to their waking – up in the Hotel Room with the Tiger etc.

    David V. Webber

  4. Tom Scarlett Avatar
    Tom Scarlett

    I disagree with this RunPee recommendation. The cop scene with the tasers is a hoot. Plus it has one of the best one-liners: “Not you, fat Jesus!”.

    1. @Tom Scarlett, I agree man. It’s tough to miss this scene. But can you think of something better to miss around this timeframe? That’s the problem. I’m just trying to make the best of a bad situation. If you gotta go. You gotta go.

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