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Review: Star Trek

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What did you think about Star Trek? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

I saw Star Trek twice on opening day – so that I could get some real good and accurate PeeTimes. And I must say that it wasn’t as good on the second viewing. While it was an incredibly entertaining movie the plot was a bit muddled.

What I loved was the change in scale of everything. Abrams took a big risk by pumping up the volume on everything. Bigger ships, bigger rooms, bigger everything. I’m not sure what the overall Trekers consensus is but I was happy with it.

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Star Trek

What do you think about Star Trek? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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15 responses to “Review: Star Trek”

  1. I loved this movie and I have seen all 10 of the other ones. Must see for all sci-fi fans. Now I have my pee times too…

  2. Bobbi Kramer Avatar
    Bobbi Kramer

    I made sure I ‘peed’ before the movie started so that I didn’t miss a second of this fun movie! LOL. I totally enjoyed this movie. I loved the re-inventing of the beloved characters although I did find the whole ‘back-to-the-future’ type plot a little confusing and hard to follow until I talked it out with my son after the movie. Totally enjoyable!

  3. Brian Avatar

    This movie has soo many issues. First, it was made to appeal to non-star trek fans. Thus, this is why soo many people liked it along with the fact that most people didnt think enough about how and why things happened the way it did. The more I think about it the less it makes sense. 1) If Nero went back in time, with 25 years to spare, why didnt he just warn Romulus and forget about Spock. 2) Seems spock got their too late to save Romulus, why get mad at the fire fighter when your house burns down? 3) Where are all the planetary defenses against this drill/enemy ship? 4) Why not torpedo the drill instead of using hand guns to destroy it? 5) Didn’t we see truth bugs in ST:II Wrath of Khan? 6) Why is Older Spock OK with not correcting the time line? This flies in the face of all past Trek. Edith Keeler must die. 7) Why is the Enterprise only manned by cadets with no Sr Officers except for Pike? 8) Why does one incident with Kirk being a hero make him eigible to become capt immediately at the end? He just graduated. 9) Why is Scotty trying to be the comic relief of the movie? 10) The bridge is too confusing and not streamlined and familiar enough. 11) What with the water treatment plant being used for engineering, like the ship is really that big. 12) Isn’t Checkov supposed to be in his early twenties not 17? 13) The plot was very similar to Star Wars, planet kiling death star, old wise man Spock, ice planet wiith monster. Ent being like the falcon. 14) Neither of these characters are really the same one we knew because the altered time line so this is not really a pre-quel. 15) Is a black hole a time machine or will it crush you, make up your mind? 16) When the Ent dumped it’s warp core, why didnt the black hole crush them? 18) At no time in either series did cross galaxy beaming take place, so how did scotty invent this in the future for spock to share in the altered past? 19) How old is Adm Archer and his beagle? It is 2230.

    How to fix it: The 2nd movie.
    Have old Spock visit the Nexus and get old KIRK out and work with the new crew to reset the time line by going back in time to the point of Neros first appearance, destroy him with old kirk getting the dramatic on screen death he should have gotten. Thus resetting the time line.

    The Third movie:
    A true prequel. Starting with the early days of graduating starfleet academy, a more interesting Kobayahsi Maru test..kirk being a lieutenant etc. Spock on Ent with Pike. SOMETHING more true to the original canon. Comments from the writer and director about not being tied down to what has been done or knowing the fate of these characters being a hindernace is not valid. Indy Jones never dies, James Bond never dies, Spock never dies. Yet these stories go on. Just tell the stories in between everything else already done and you will make everyone happy. Star trek became great because of the great story telling and how it targeted a specific intellectual audience. Yes it needed better visuals and action, but with this recent movie that is all they did. The one series that did the worst in ratings was ENT and it is the only series time line to survive. It was far better than this movie.

    1. @Brian, Wow, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the quantum singularity? 🙂

      Seriously, I see your point and if I really wanted to nit-pic I’d say the same thing. But I don’t think that a Star Trek reboot is the kind of movie that you can be so critical about. The creators aimed to make an enjoyable fun movie for a wide demographic. I think they did that. First and foremost a movie should be entertaining. Can you say that this movie didn’t accomplish that? Certainly it may not have hit your sweet spot but you can’t argue that the vast majority did like it and will go back for seconds.

      It just so happens that I did see the movie twice on opening day: so that I could get the details for the PeeTimes. And I’ll tell you that on the second viewing I was thinking many of the things that you mentioned. Could it have been better? Without a doubt. But it also could have been a LOT worse.

  4. Brian Avatar

    And the green Orion girl wasn’t even hot!

  5. Brian Avatar

    This was the 3rd trek movie to use time travel. Boring! Now we have to do another at some point just to make the correction. What’s with Sulu, he is supposed to be Japenese but isplayed by a Korean. Good lord! No one was supposed to know what Romulans looked like until later in TOS but that was changed, no one was surprised that they were an off shoot of Vulcans in this 2009 movie. Remember there was a Romulan war prior to TOS and after ENT series and no one ever knew much about them. Why did a mining ship have such superior weaponry? Where were all the other Federation ships? Why does Chekov have to run to another room and use another computer for the transporter, can’t the computer track and beam a moving target better than a human? Why didn’t the Federation immediately change all of it’s defense codes once Pike was captured? Why would paramount let someone who admittedly wasn’t a fan make this movie? I know, to target a wide audience, but you see one must stay true to cannon, drama, intensity, action, an excellent score, a movie that makes you think after you leave the theater, something that pushes once understanding or point of view…like Dark Knight would make a great trek movie. Remember, the whole reason JJ Abrams got to do this trek movie is because of everything that came before it. He took our fathers trek and future series, TNG,DS9,VOY and said we can change it all and recast it over the next 50 years.

    What I did like about it… the action at times, the look of the ship, but stay away from far shots, seems like TV. Up close, slow, mammoth effect is great. Having old spock repeat his TREK 2 & 3 lines regarding his friendship with Kirk. The uniforms were good. Bones was a good cast. Spock was ok, but seems weaker. Uhura is ok, she always had a small part. Opening sequence was good. Kirk might get a better or more appealing as this actor ages.

  6. I would just like to know why most of the trek episodes, all 5 series, would have made better movies than most of the trek movies. Why can’t hollywood make a mind blowing dramatic action adventure, where are the egos of the writing world when it comes to trek? Hire a science consultant and a hard core logical thinking trek fan to go work with the writers as a check and balance.

    1. @Brian, I’m with you on that. You could have made movies out of a dozen TNG episodes that would have been better than any of the actual movies. Inner Light, Yesterdays Enterprise, Chain of Command are the first to come to mind. I have the impression that the studios influence the directors/writers to hit one out of the park when all they really need is a solid hit that turns into a double. Star Trek IV was like that. They didn’t go big. But told a fun story that is the favorite for many fans and non fans.

  7. Even I saw it twice, so that also means you can’t go by ticket sales to evaluate a good movie alone. Is it nit picking to point out obvious plot defects? dDn’t you expect more from people who make so much off these movies, who will take your money in the future? It’s like a bad Bond movie, if you want the whole collection, you will have to buy that one to. haha.

    1. @Brian, I guess I’m saying that most movies like this just fall to shreds when you nit-pic them. This is certainly one of those types of movies. It was fun. I’ll probably see it again a few times on DVD. But the more distant I get from it the more it seems like a shadow of some of the other movies like Khan and Voyage Home.

  8. wow i have no idea what u guys are talking about. im not exactly a str trek fan….this is the first star trek related thing ive actually bothered to see. wanna know why?? i yhink it was the only one to appeal to an actual majority of people. i saw the previews with one of my friends and we were like wow what is this we have to see it. until we found out it was called star trek….then we decided no too. luckily a group of our guy friends persuaded us too and not just cause we think the guy who plays kirk is hot…although he is. we loved it. so people should stop complaining. obviously they were trying to make a movie that would appeal to more than just star trek fans. and it worked. except some people still wont see it just cause its called star trek. and 1 more thing…if you sit there and search for problems in a movie you will always find them…but movies aew supposed to be fun so dont…just enjoy them.

    1. @Nean, Very good point. A person is going to enjoy a movie only if they want to. Especially for a movie like Star Trek. It’s FUN. Just enjoy it.

  9. Oh and i loved scotty he was soooo funny!!! oh great do they still have sandwhiches there???? hahaha favourite line ever!

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