RunPee Commercial idea

Two guys standing side by side in a mens’ bathroom. [Camera is located behind them, over their shoulders. ] Both are in line to pee at the urinals, and are about 5th in line.

One looks over at the other and says, “Remember when no one else knew about”

Response, “Yeah, those were the days.”

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9 thoughts on “RunPee Commercial idea”

  1. I am a big fan of the idea behind in that I ALWAYS have to run pee in the movies (maybe it has something to do with the large Coke). Anyways, I have developed my own technique over the years but I believe that it is baised towards ladies. See I have a theory about movies that is if there is not words – you aren’t gunna miss anything! For me this usually takes the form of chase scences, fight scence ect. But see I am a girl and my boyfreind would totally disagree that that is the BEST part of the movie. He usually chooses to run pee in love scences or casual dialouge amoung two people. Which happen to be 2 times I would NEVER leave the theater. I think this shows something about the boilogical make up of men and women. I don’t care what happens in the fight(or more importantly how it happens)as long as I know our guy survives. Whereas most men don’t care what happens in the love scene as long as they know they did it! lol. On this train of thought you may want to start a female runpee time and a male runpee time because from my observation they are very different. Good luck!!

    1. @Sayrah, I love the way you spell your name. Anyway, I’ve talked to people about that. Eventually I’ll have indicators for PeeTimes. Here are the categories I’m kicking around: horror, sex, action, dialogue, musical, and general. I’ll be sure to post on the blog and try to get lots of feedback before I implement this.

  2. funny comercial idea. it would be funny also if at the beginning they were looking up pee times as if they were 1 step ahead of everyone else at the movie.


    ps im testing if by putting my twitter name in the “Name” field and you reply if it will send a tweet:) I think you mentioned having this setup to tweet automatically.

    1. @jmcclintick, RunPee was set up to Twitter every time someone added a PeeTime but that doesn’t work since I changed servers. I’ll get it back in working order soon but first I need to find a way to moderate PeeTimes because some people – you know who you are – are entering reviews like, “Just leave and don’t come back.” So when I get that worked out I’ll hook up the auto-Twitter again.

      And thanks for the commercial tip. I’ll think about that.

  3. How about this…

    You see a bunch of people in the audience checking their watches (or perhaps iphones), but you have no idea why. Everyone has huge big gulp size drinks next to them, a few take sips. All of the sudden the time changes by one minute and the entire theater gets up and runs out the door. Then you cut to the scene of them in line at the urinal, and insert your line there.

    1. @shannonigans76, I like it. I was thinking of something along those lines. Same thing but instead of showing the lines in the rest room keep the focus on the one remaining person left in the theater trying to figure out why everyone left. And of course that person doesn’t have a soft drink with them.

  4. love your commercial idea!!! funny as!!! but wat would be funnier would be a whole movie cinema full of people looking at there fones and at the exsact same time everyone gets up and goes to the toilet and one guy is sitting there and says ‘runpee:i guess EVERYBODY knows!’

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