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Mission Impossible Series – On a mission to binge watch

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Mission-Impossible-infographic ratings on imdb, rottentomatoes chartLooking for something good to watch/rewatch during the CoVid19 stay at home order, or any time for that matter? Maybe you forgot, but the Mission: Impossible movies offer some solid entertainment that ranges from decent to awesome, with one exception for MI:II.

How good is the 6 movie Mission: Impossible bundle as a whole? If you go by RottenTomatoes user ratings, then it’s tied with the DCEU at a 72% approval rating. It’s not going to win any awards, but it doesn’t suck. But, if you limit yourself to just the last 3 movies, which make a really tight trilogy, then you’re talking about some seriously good entertainment. How good?

The real question is, “Do I watch all six Mission: Impossible movies, or just skip to the last three, which make a fantastic trilogy?” It’s hard to do better than just the last three movies taken together. But, depending on how much binge-worthy material you have, maybe it’s worth going all the way back and catching the original Mission: Impossible, skip MI:II unless you have an OCD condition about completing things (plus that one has to do with a virus if I remember correctly). Flip a coin on watching MI:III. I remember it being good, but emotionally taxing.

Update: Rob Williams makes a great argument — in the comments below — for why MI:II is better than its rating, and worthy of a rewatch.

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But MI: Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation (review), and Fallout (review) as a trilogy is woefully underappreciated.

So, what are you watching tonight? 🙂

Got some other great movie series suggestions? Drop me a note in the comments.

Character Relations Map for Mission Impossible: Fallout

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2 responses to “Mission Impossible Series – On a mission to binge watch”

  1. Rob Williams Avatar
    Rob Williams

    In defence of M:I 2…

    John Woo’s first cut clocked in at three and a half hours and Paramount made him cut it back by nearly half so a lot of the plot holes, continuity errors, etc. have to be laid at their door.

    Dougray Scott is a brilliant bad guy! Scarily believable as someone who would try and pull off something as horrific as this.

    Anthony Hopkins has a very entertaining cameo… “Mr Hunt, this isn’t mission difficult, it’s mission impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.”

    John Woo’s action scenes (the ones that were left in after the chopping to get the PG-13 rating) are excellent and it’s always fun looking out for his trademark doves, double handed shooting, and slow motion scenes.

    Thandie Newton is excellent in her role; by turns, strong, feisty, cunning, vulnerable, and brave. You’ve probably seen her in Westworld but you may not have seen her in Line Of Duty. If you get the opportunity to see that over there, take it. Thandie is in series four but you’ll have run out of fingernails and antacids way before then!

    So, in my humble opinion, M:I 2 deserves to be cut a bit more slack. While it’s true that it is probably the least good film in the franchise that says more of the overall quality of the series than the paucity of this episode.

  2. Very well put sir. I stand corrected. Watch the whole series, beginning to end. I do remember being impressed by the action scenes.

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