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This Is It
This Is It

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In case you didn’t know This Is It has a documentary format. Seems pretty obvious but I just wanted to make sure you were clear on that. This documentary is a sequence of shots from the rehearsals for MJ’s planned tour. Most of the action focuses on MJ, as you would expect with a bit here and there from the dancers and musicians who were performing with him.

I’m not a huge MJ fan but I enjoyed watching This Is It. I was happy to see that MJ didn’t act like a prima donna. He took direction from his advisers and offered feedback to his support cast without being overly sensitive about it.

What I really enjoyed was watching the process that everyone, even MJ, went through to produce the show. It isn’t like MJ walks out and nails a dance move or musical note on the very first try. Even the greatest get it wrong more often than not on the first try.

The downside to this documentary is that it seems rushed. My guess is that the powers that be wanted to get a version of the documentary to the theaters as quickly as possible. And then in a few months we’ll see the DVD that has much more footage than a movie ever could. So if you’re not dying to see this then hold off and wait for the DVD which should be much more complete.

What did you think about This Is It? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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