Movie review : The Vampires Assistant

The Vampires Assistant
The Vampires Assistant

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I love vampire movies and was looking forward to seeing this one. And I’m not hugely disappointed because at least the movie didn’t suck. But it sure didn’t impress either.

The action scenes were just ho-hum. There were just a few funny bits and they weren’t all that funny. The story seems to leave a lot on the table because the one thing the movie might have going for it is that it has a fairly rich mythology.

It’s plane to see that the story was meant to introduce a series of movies. This bit played the role of the introduction to the characters along with the back story. Who knows, maybe the second movie will be a real winner. If it gets made.

The real failing of this movie was that it should have either been much darker with more angst and foreboding or it should have been a lot funnier. Either way would have worked. But the middle ground is pretty boring.

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