Movie Review – The House With A Clock In Its Walls

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I wish this film was better. It started out lively, with some nice funky humor for a while. There were good production values throughout. Unfortunately, the story went downhill fast at the middle mark, and became a dreadful muddle by the end. I watched the children in the theater to make sure it wasn’t just me, and yup…the kids were bouncing around, completely bored, even during the climax. Bummer.

[pullquote]Here’s my thinking: it’s not Harry Potter, folks.[/pullquote] Don’t toss your money away to see this in the theater. The kid is decent enough (he gives the erratic script a real go), but he’s hampered by the adult actors at every turn, and sadly, the work of the other children as well. The “Turby” stuff went nowhere — a pity.

Jack Black has a few good moments in the beginning, but this isn’t his best work (although there’s few movies he’s impressed me in, granted — Jumanji 2 being the exception). Why is this man getting work? His comedic timing is just strange. That works, somewhat, in the early stages of this wacky, kiddie horror house movie. Then the plot gets…well…”stupid” (that’s the only word that fits), as the story ineffectually tries to escalate the jeopardy. [pullquote position=”right”]The “stupid ball” is passed around a lot in the finale.[/pullquote]

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Between the increasingly weird script and missed narrative opportunities, I can only say, “WTF were the writers thinking? Who greenlit this garbage? And why was a chair the best character?”

Even Cate Blanchett couldn’t elevate the lackluster material presented. How did she decide to throw her lot in with this? Did she hope to become the next Professor McGonagle? (Harry Potter reference, again, but Blanchett must’ve badly misjudged this.)

I really, really don’t know what happened here. It’s ultimately a movie mess that started out quite nicely. [pullquote]I’m grading it in the (low) C range and not worse, because it looked pretty, and had early potential with the surreal atmosphere,  incessant ticking clocks, and creepy toys[/pullquote]. There was enough goodwill to carry the audience for part of the show. But by the time the pumpkins started puking,  I had to give up. Give this film a firm pass. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Movie Grade: C-

About the Peetimes: Here are 3 good, long Peetimes, spaced well thru the film. This was easy to get Peetimes for, since a lot of the exposition is either repeated, or provides plot points that kind of peter out, storywise. 

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  • Michelle Taylor Author

    Hated to hear this movie wasn’t better. I agree with the Jack Black sentiment. Thank you for the honest and well written review. I’ll save this one for Netflix.

    • jill florio

      Jill Florio Administrator

      Thanks for the comment! IDK. I think if someone goes in expecting it to suck by the middle point, it won’t be so bad. Expectations and all. We will see what people think.

  • Debra McKnight

    I waited for it to hit the dollar theater. It was worth the $3. But not much more. It was ok. But didn’t like the WWII references. The scary stuff I would not recommend to really young kids. I did like the resolution of the bullies. If you’re mean….you get what you deserve.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    How scary do you think it was? Worthy of an Alert Peetime? I assume you mean the part with the dolls? Are are there other times?

  • Debra McKnight

    Yes the dolls, but those pumpkins exploding scared me. I dont like an icky clown face….younger kids than 10 yrs old might not like this movie.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Oh dear lord. I HATE clowns. I can’t even. I also get creeped out by dolls.

    The barfing pumpkins were just gross and felt silly.

    There were a lot of weird things in this film. I guess I should read the book. The source material might be good.

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