Movie review : The Blind Side

The Blind Side
The Blind Side
[ no spoilers ]

This is without question the best role I’ve seen Sandra Bullock perform and she was certainly up to the task. Most of the roles I have seen her in are of the quirky woman variety – Miss Congeniality, All About Steve, Speed, etc – or the woman in love character: see every other movie she has made. She’s very good at both of these but it’s good to see her spread out into something a little different ( note – I’ve not seen every single movie she’s been in).

I’ve heard some people saying that this is an Oscar nomination type of role. I hope so. She deserves to at least get on the ballot for this performance.

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And she’s not the only one who deserves some Oscar love. Quinton Aaron nails his role. I’m not sure that acting shy and quiet is the toughest role for an actor, but I never once thought that I was watching someone act.

I would also like to give some props to the writers and director. I like the fact that they focus on letting us know that Michael isn’t exceptional in anything other than being a left tackle. The real Michael Oher made tremendous academic strides, but so could anyone else who is given the resources and motivation that Michael had. We can’t be reminded often enough that the only difference between the richest people and the poorest is money. In every other way we are equals and given the right circumstances our lots could have been otherwise.

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  1. Saw this on Thanksgiving Day. It was a very enjoyable movie especially since it was based on real people whom I saw on TV. Not many people, rich or poor, would take in such a misfit and continue nurturing him/her for years.

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