Movie review: Skyfall

Grade: A

*Skyfall* is in my estimation the best of the Daniel Craig Bond movies and that’s saying a lot because *Casino Royal* was fabulous. *Skyfall* has all of the ingredients you expect in a Bond film: action, one line quips, flirtation and sex, and lets not forget the evil genius antagonist. In fact the evil genius antagonist is, in my opinion, the most forgettable part of the movie but the quality of the other ingredients more than make up for it.

What pushes *Skyfall* above *Casino Royal* is a well written drama that leans heavily on Judi Dench’s performance as M. She has created a memorable version of M over the past seven Bond movies but her roll has always been scaled back. The Bond movies aren’t about her so she only has a few well placed scenes that are used to punch up the tension. Fortunately for everyone her role in *Skyfall* is expanded.

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If you’ve seen enough Bond movies, i.e. all of them, you’ll notice there are a few *minor Bond girls* introduced to early on and then we meet the *primary Bond girl* who becomes Bond’s focal point throughout the rest of the movie. At first I thought they had a pretty weak cast of Bond girls for *Skyfall*. There were the minor roles but not the focal Bond girl until I realized that M is the Bond girl in *Skyfall*. No, there is NOT a sex scene between Bond and M. I hope you’ll forgive me for spoiling that for you just in case you were getting your hopes up. 🙂

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