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Legion. Big sigh. I wanted so much more.

It’s about Revelations, sorta, and that is a really big deal in Christian mythology. Four horsemen, the holy host, avenging angels. The legions of God, right? Thus the title? We got boils and locusts. And…strangely enough, zombies.

So the world ends by God Matrixing people into flesh eating zombies? Whut?

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Where were all the angels? The wrath of the Almighty? Why does this movie devolve into a languid morass of exposition, recycled Terminator plotlines and lackluster zombies? Even for a zombie movie, this is uninspired drivel. There is one cool moment with a creepy ice cream man, and the nice old evil dead lady offered a promising tease.

And then? A whole lot of nothing, paired with a random cast of morons to get picked off before you gave a turd. Turd. Yes, that is what this movie was. It makes me mad. It makes me want to go back and see Daybreakers again, which was a GOOD monster movie, to flush the disappointment of Legion out of my system.

B- for okay production values and fine work by Paul Bettany as Archangel Michael. Bettany conveys power and majesty, even wingless and armed with automatic rifles (again, whut?), in this sad excuse for a horror-action event. His scenes with Archangel Gabriel are pretty good. More of that would have been nice.

Finally, the denouement was plain old dumb: “I gave him what he wanted.” Fail. I am all testy now. Testy, huh, like Old Testament testy.

Perhaps some other writer will try to mine this rich field again and give us a blockbuster film about God giving up on mankind, with all the philosophical resonances, mankind’s struggle, the horror of angels wielding death brands and smiting humanity the forsaken.

What did you think about Legion? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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  • Moe

    I enjoyed reading your post. I on the other hand loved the movie. I thought it was better than Sherlock which I saw in December. I thought Quaid was ridiculous but pretty much loved everyone else. It was nice to see Jacob Black all grown up and in a pretty important role. I thought it was the perfect amount of scary without being over done. As for Zombies, they weren’t zombies, zombies are dead people that reanimate. These are living people who get possessed. Totally different. I would definitely watch this movie again. I thought Bettany was awesome as was Kevin Durand (Gabriel) but he’s from my hometown so I may be biased. 😀 BUT, I totally agree with the Terminator reference especially the ending — totally reminiscent of Sarah driving off into the sunset.
    .-= Moe´s last blog ..Poetry Wednesdays =-.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio

    Yeah, I know what a zombie technically is. LOL. But basically this was a zombie movie. I was expecting a full-on Revelations Blockbuster with tons of swooping angels.

    I guess I should have been forewarned this was not actually a blockbuster since this is a January movie…le sigh. Notice I still gave the movie a B-, which is by no means a bad grade. The movie just wasn’t what it was advertised to be.

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