Movie Review – I Feel Pretty

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Two kinds of people will like this film: Amy Schumer fans, and anyone who is body conscious (meaning: a lot of women). It doesn’t treat Schumer kindly (all the humor centers on her being chubby, yet thinking she’s hot stuff), and that kind of thing will be offensive to some. My very pretty movie companion felt really sorry for the character of Renee, and walked out a bit sad. She expected I Feel Pretty to be a whole lot funnier and seemed a bit downcast about it all.

I actually found this silly fluff movie empowering. Early on, Renee gets knocked out, and wakes up to think she’s suddenly become thin and sexy. While I don’t usually like ‘cringe humor’, I did appreciate that the character of Renee wills herself into a great new life, coasting on pure self-assurance. [pullquote position=”right”]It reminded me that confidence and a great smile are the best accessories a girl can wear.[/pullquote]

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Things bog down a bit when she ignores and embarrasses her old friends for the new ones, but that’s presented in a rote fashion (message: don’t ditch your good pals for the new cool crowd). This isn’t what the film is about, though, unlike say, The Devil Wears Prada (which I love; don’t judge). Let’s get back to the point about confidence: just say YES to being vivacious and happy in your skin, no matter what society tries to sell you about unrealistic beauty. It’s presented here that even the skinny models worry about their looks, while portly Renee gets attention and accolades by simply believing she is the total package. Others feel it, and come to believe it too. It’s a nice little reminder for us all.

Movie Grade: C+

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  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    I wanted to add a note about Amy Schumer’s body. The girl isn’t fat. She’s normal-to-chubby. And that’s it – she looks like most people on the street, people who eat actual food. She’s Hollywood Fat, in the way that someone like Anne Hathaway was Hollywood Ugly in The Devil Wears Prada.

    I’m all in favor of fitness and a good BMI, but movies have a standard that sometimes pisses me the frak off. Thoughts?

  • Shani Ogilvie Author

    @Jill, I completely agree with your comment. Shes not fat, shes the average American woman size! I’m not even a huge fan of Amy Schumer, but I enjoyed this movie because of the message and because of the confidence that Amy Schumer exudes in real life. There aren’t enough women doing what she does and appearing to be proud of who she is. Also, I really like how the movie never allows viewers to see her through her eyes (Meaning viewers seeing a “pretty” woman when Amy looks in the mirror). Instead all that is seen is her accepting herself and gaining confidence, which I think adds to the message of the film.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Hi Shani. I didn’t know Schumer acted confident in real life too. That’s nice to hear.

    One part I really appreciated in the film was the bikini contest. I thought it would be all cringe-humor, which I hate – but instead the contest audience loved her audaciousness. It was a cool scene, and could have been just painful.

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