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Grown Ups
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Adam Sandler, David Spade, Kevin James, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider…what do they all have in common? They all entertained my brain in what I would call Sandler’s best film ever. I wasn’t expecting what was delivered. I knew there would be some funny moments but the way all the guys worked together truly made a memorable movie memory. There was of course the off beat schtick that we’re used to, but he upped the ante in this one and was actually lovable and get It’s something that all of us over thirty-five can relate to..the coming of middle age. Each one was experiencing his own troubles and each were of course dealt with by the time the credits rolled. It was predictable..but who cares..sometimes you just want to see something fun.

I was a little shocked that Chris Rock’s character was played down..he wasn’t his normal F bomb dropper..he’s actually a house-husband with a heart..and is currently suffering from PMS. Yep, that one shocked me..

One of my favorite actors, Steve Buscemi, delivered a well sculpted role of being an ass. It was a small role but he still left an impression on me and a wall..go see the movie to find out what I mean..
Kevin James has a scene that anyone whose ever had a mishap with a rope swing can totally relate to…ohhhh…the pain, but the boy has got some serious groove moves.

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Salma Hyek of course is as beautiful as always..starts off bitchy, but like I the end everything works out.

It’s a great you should totally get off the computer and go watch it. Why are you still here? Go.
Since you are still reading and haven’t taken my advice, maybe this will get you to go..I would love for everyone to come back here after the movie and let me know what your thoughts were on the whole boobie thing..??

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  1. Grown Ups is a typical example of a PG-13 comedy written by Adam Sandler. Anyone familiar with his style, movies and sense of humour would easily guess how the movie is, and the fans of his style would most certainly love this movie, as well. The film is directed by Dennis Dugan and since he directed some of other Adam Sandler projects (I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan) very successfully, the expectations of the fans are pretty high. The fans of his work and these type of comedies will not be disappointed, since this film rocks as a comedy.

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