Movie review: Entebbe

Let me begin by saying that I’m a retired flight attendant. So when I watch movies dealing with aircraft or aircraft personnel in peril, it does influence how I feel about a movie. With that said, I feel confident in giving Entebbe an A.

We all know the outcome of this movie before we see it, so why see it? Because what I don’t know is how the passengers and flight crew responded to this crisis. And I would venture to guess that much of the audience came for the same reason.

Jose Padiha did an excellent job, making us feel as if we were on that plane. He pulled great performances out of not only the main characters, but also the supporting players. The flight crew and passengers showed real emotions like helplessness, hopelessness, and fright, rather than being directed to doing the over-the-top yelling and screaming that seems to please some directors.

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I would suggest going to Wikipedia to read the article about this event. It gives a concise rundown on the politics involved in this rescue mission.

Grade: A

2 thoughts on “Movie review: Entebbe”

  1. I agree I equally thought the movie was excellent. I saw it because it worked best at the time we were going to see a movie. I was a little hesitant because the reviews were so poor. It was a solid B+ movie. Very surprised and pleased.

    1. I love it when a film exceeds my expectations. Being happily surprised at things goes a long way towards making a happy me.

      Reviews are so subjective. One person’s trash film will be another person’s favorite. (Or sometimes, just a guilty pleasure.)

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