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Movie review : Did You Hear About the Morgans?

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I ‘ve been dragging my feet to review this movie. Good lead actors in a C level film. How did this happen?

The Morgans movie commits the worst entertainment sin there is – it is dull. If I didn’t have to get the PeeTimes and end credits info, I would have walked out and sat in on the end of some other movie. Honestly. It is that boring.

This movie fails as a romantic comedy in two ways – the romance is not believable; the comedy is flat. What remains is a predictable city mouse/country mouse story that plods along between small town bingo parlors and a rodeo. There’s a cowboy dance; there are salt-of-the-Earth townspeople. Check. Check.

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What was good? Sam Elliot does his well-trod cowboy thing with expected panache. I chortled at the reference to Sarah Palin. The overworked NYC assistants had a few good moments together. Um. Okay, I am out of positives here.

Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, two usually reliable actors in the genre, have zero screen chemistry. I kept looking, watching and waiting for some – any – kind of spark between them. I got bupkis. I don’t think they even made eye contact. Were they in the same movie at all? Do the actors dislike each other?

Grant seemed to be in actual pain, for some reason, while Parker looked old and worn. These actors are still attractive people, but you really don’t see any of that here.

Grant and Parker work hard to sell their usual film personas, but neither saves this flick from the Land of Misfit Movies. Wait for the DVD, or just give it up and rent When Harry Met Sally again.

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2 responses to “Movie review : Did You Hear About the Morgans?”

  1. The entire movie is a good time to run pee. Seriously, the good parts of the movie all ended up in the trailer. Hugh Grant was good, but it was a bad film and I felt like he was shouldering the dead weight that was Sarah Jessica Parker. Normally I like her, but she did nothing for me in this one. Hugh Grant was left trying to carry the whole film with help from Sam Elliott and Mary Steenburgen.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..I upgraded =-.

  2. Julie, as you can see from my review, I totally agree with you – any time is a PeeTime. 🙂

    It’s possible I went into the theater expecting this to be more enjoyable than it was. Based on the actors’ other good works, it SHOULD have been at least mildly entertaining.

    I doubt either Grant or Parker will be proud to mention this flick in their filmographies.

    My mother told me this looked like it was going to be a good movie based on the trailer. I told her that whoever made the trailer is a genius at his craft then. LOL

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