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Movie Artemis Fowl Going Straight to Streaming June 12, and Why This Matters

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In a major movie news event, Disney announced they’re sending their summer blockbuster Artemis Fowl straight to streaming, bypassing any theatrical release. They’re skipping cinemas entirely. This is significant. Every other feature initially on Hollywood’s 2020 summer roster has been rescheduled to late Fall — or next year. Or, in some cases, are now on permanent hiatus. (Moment of silence, please.)

Let’s assume you understand why the movie theaters/production studios are offline right now. (Concerns over CoVid-19…but you know this, right?)

Returning to the topic of Artemis Fowl, Science Fiction book website reports:

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The film was originally slated to premiere on May 29th in theaters, and because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the studio has opted to pull its release, joining numerous other films that were supposed to come out this summer.

Based on a children’s book series by Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl clearly wants to be the next Harry Potter phenomenon. But AF has elements of both science fiction and fantasy: a hard combination to get right. Can  you think of any film that managed to pull if off? Yet if Artemis Fowl is a hit, this origin story will found a new cash-cow franchise. From the trailers, it looks like Disney spared no expense.

Why This is an Important Event

While Artemis Fowl  is the first film announcing this move, it probably won’t be the last. This will be something the rest of the Hollywood is going to be following very closely. And probably nervously. (As well as movie theater chains, like AMC, who announced their intention to file bankruptcy.) The movie industry is extraordinarily big and wants people to go to theaters. The studios will lose many millions of dollars if staying home to stream new flicks becomes the new normal. Studios need butts in seats, and soon.

Disney can afford to lose money on movie tickets, since they’re pretty fabulously wealthy, but with people desperate to watch new movies — and probably still quarantined at home — they probably won’t. Making an entertainment ‘event’ in this way, Artemis Fowl should introduce a lot of people to Disney’s subscription entertainment channel.

Artemis Fowl will be available for streaming on June 12.

UPDATE: Three new movies have just joined the straight-to-streaming list: Trolls World Tour (Universal), The Love Birds (Paramount) and Scoob! (Warner Bros). YAY for kid’s movies?

PS: Watch this trailer. Between “Hagrid” and “Harry” — not to mention the English accents — they’re not being very subtle, are they? 

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4 responses to “Movie Artemis Fowl Going Straight to Streaming June 12, and Why This Matters”

  1. Rob Williams Avatar
    Rob Williams

    To be honest though, Jill, the Artemis Fowl movie was originally due to be released in Spring 2019 so it could be a question of “Cripes! If we don’t get this film out somehow there’ll be riots in the streets (with due regard to social distancing)”.

    I’m a Disney+ subscriber (for my grandchildren… honest!) so Ill be watching it as soon as it’s available because I’ve been looking forward to this for years. I’ve read all the books and they’re the sort of thing which I always think “where was this sort of teen fiction when I was a teen?” My concern is that Artemis will be Disneyfied so he’s not the criminal mastermind he was in the books!

    Ah well, only about five weeks until we find out.

  2. For some reason I haven’t read Artemis Fowl. It seems like it’s right up my (Daigon) Alley. If the movie is decent I’ll find a copy of the first novel and see. Have you read the whole series?

    AF could be great like Harry Potter, or fade away like Percy Jackson.

    (Like Lord of the Rings vs Narnia, or Hunger Games vs Divergent, now that I think about it.)

    I haven’t had to use Disney Plus yet, since I still have a metric ton of shows to watch between Netflix and You Tube, but I might have to go there. The Mandalorian alone is worth it. Never make excuses to love Disney! <3

    Also, if they ever make that Lord of the Rings show, I have to go in.

    But then I also need the Picard show on CBS all access, and i don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of multiple subscription services. Especially with RunPee offline until movies come back!

    We need butts in seats too…lol

  3. Rob Williams Avatar
    Rob Williams

    I’ve read all eight of the books in the main series and got the latest off shoots lined up. I actually thought they were better than the Harry Potter series and my worry is that, if the film is rubbish, it’ll kill off the possibility of the franchise being established. I’d recommend getting at least the first book and reading it regardless of what the film is like.

    I think I’ve already fallen down that rabbit hole… I’ve subscriptions for Netflix, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video! I justify it by having the family versions and it entertains all of us. At the moment the Apple TV+ is free because I treated myself to a new iPad Pro and they give you a years free subscription with them so it’s not too bad,

  4. Yeah, you’re totally in that hole, lol, but you I think you get a lot of use out of it!

    I did have to cancel my Amazon Prime. I do miss that.

    I’ll definitely read Artemis Fowl then. I can’t imagine it being better than HP, but I’m open to the idea. It will be nice to have a great book to look forward to when I’m back in the states.

    If the movie fails, it could be rebooted later. Look how many times they tried to get Spider-Man right.

    I’d love to see the Narnia series done right. When they completely blew The Dawn Treader, my favorite of the novels, I knew it was all over and we’d never see The Silver Chair or The Horse and His Boy. 🙁

    I’m still irked by The Hobbit. How could LotR be so amazing and totally screw the far easier story of The Hobbit? There were only three good scenes in the entire bloated Hobbit trilogy: An Unexpected Party, Riddles in the Dark, and Bilbo’s scene with Smaug.

    You can see I have some opinions about this. 😉

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