Does Contagion have an Extra Scene: A Chilling End Note

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contagion_sickContagion. It’s a scary and oddly prescient movie during our current world-wide Coronavirus crisis, where the deaths today reached 61,144, and the cases are at 1,139,112. (As stated by the live tracking site WorldOMeter.)

We always report if there are extra scenes in the movies we see for RunPee, and recently made Peetimes for the 2011 flick Contagion, about a deadly novel virus emerging from a bat to a pig to an index patient in China. (Hmmm, sound familiar?) A virus which spread throughout the world and killed off massive waves of humanity…among other bad things, least of which might be a lack of toilet paper.

Is there an extra scene in Contagion?

Technically, there isn’t a ‘scene’, but there’s definitely an extra bit worth catching.

There’s nothing during the rolling credits of Contagion until the very, very end, where’s there’s a chilling — and prophetic — line on-screen:

It’s not IF, but WHEN. Get ready at www/

This website is currently live in the 2020 wake of the CoVid-19 pandemic — there’s lots of helpful information prepared by Columbia University. I made sure to take a look around the site, and there are some good succinct articles. Best of all: several short videos made by the caring actors of the film. Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Lawrence Fishburne (among others) posted timely, simple messages to help us through this crisis. Definitely take a look.

And wash your hands.

Contagion – a PSA and movie review

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