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Motivational Movies for Teachers: How to Teach and Not Burn Out

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We all rely on movies to lift our spirits and mood while giving us hope for the future. So, if you are on the verge of burning out, try one of these films to ease your mind.

School of Rock

School of Rock (2003)

Funny, kind of ridiculous, and definitely inspiring, School of Rock tells a story of a failed rock musician who unexpectedly came to teach a class of preteens in a local school. Being lost at first, Mr. Chips, played by Jack Black, soon finds a way to introduce music to his students. Everyone has a part in his new band. If you don’t sing, you play, and if you don’t play, you manage, direct, or create costumes. Mr. Chips will discover everyone’s talent and help them develop it even further.
Needless to say, any movie with Jack Black can be a perfect solution after an exhausting day at school. However, this particular masterpiece is unique in its own way. It is beloved by children and their teachers due to its great sense of humor, lightness, and well-written characters. So, if you feel like giving up, School of Rock can lift the mood and make you forget about all the little troubles for a while.

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The Chorus / Les Choristes (2004)

A little less-known French movie, The Chorus, will also tell you a story about musical kids and their new teacher. However, this time, the setting, time period, and overall atmosphere of the boarding school for boys give the movie a darker tone. Here, we watch how the new teacher Clément Mathieu, played by Gérard Jugnot, tries to reform the school with music.
Although Mathieu didn’t come there as a music teacher, he insisted on starting a choir. Soon, having music on school walls transforms everyone inside them. Boys start to respect their new teacher and have something to look for at the end of the day. Administrators and other teachers notice the uplifted mood in the school and feel more inclined to connect with their students.
Of course, this melancholic movie is also full of hard truths, sad plot twists, and challenges on our main characters’ journey. After all, the plot is set in early 1949, in a country recovering after the war. Still, the story can warm your soul and return your hope to all the troubled kids you meet on your way. Oh, and if not the story itself, then Jean-Baptiste Maunier’s voice can surely do so.

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Dead Poets Society

Who doesn’t know this classic? Of course, Dead Poets Society deserves a place on any ‘best movie’ list. However, teachers need to watch and remember this masterpiece. This movie did many things in its own time. First of all, it has introduced us to plenty of young talented actors who would later build successful careers in cinema.

Secondly, it has surely revealed the depth of Robin Williams’s talent and diversity as an actor. Playing John Keating, Williams carries most of the movie on his back, turning it into one of the most sentimental, moving, and memorable pictures. It’s both heartbreaking and inspiring. It truly captures the role teachers carry in this world. It also demonstrates how much young people need a mentor and inspiring adult figure to show them a different side of life. A person who can motivate young students to seek their true selves.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

Charming, sophisticated, ever so relevant black and white picture by the old Holywood that will stay in the hearts of teachers for generations to come. This movie has everything to make a perfect, relaxing evening full of reminiscing and self-reflections, following the main character in his walk down memory lane. Mr. Chips is an aged headmaster of a British boarding school. We spend the movie watching his memories and thoughts on his teaching career, former students, his personal life, and the many children he had raised while never having kids of his own.

The movie is so gentle and moving, slow-paced and yet full of thoughts, and character development is truly a rare treasure these days. That’s why we have to treat it as one. Goodbye, Mr. Chips show that the role of a teacher and their meaning to students just as their worries and goals haven’t changed with time.

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The Breakfast Club (1985)

The Breakfast Club
This movie is not exactly about a teacher, as the rest of the list choices. Yet, it is definitely a good watch for any teacher as well as students. The Breakfast Club has long become a true classic of American cinema. It has perfectly captured the 1980s era in movies while also carrying a message that stays true through decades and generations.

The Breakfast Club portrays five teens who were asked to spend a Saturday in school as a punishment. Of course, they hate the idea at first. Yet, as time goes by, they get to know each other closer and learn that they share more similarities than they initially thought. It’s a touching, funny, sincere, and powerful film that’s worth rewatching once in a while. So, if it’s been too long, stay in, order assignment help at, and enjoy the movie. It will help you gain a new perspective on things.


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