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How Movies Help Us Relax and Get Inspired

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Movies are often regarded simply as entertainment. Many consider it a good pastime and nothing more. However, numerous studies show that cinema can offer much more than just that.

Sometimes it might be hard to find time to watch a movie. And one might feel like it is not even that important anyway. For example, college students struggle with making enough time for themselves as the academic curriculum can be dense. Students tend to disregard rest in favor of learning and keeping up with college papers.

Although it might be reasonable sometimes, in the long run, it is a harmful pattern. Taking breaks and relaxing is a necessity, not a luxury. And watching a good film is a perfect option. If you cannot get it all sorted on your own, experts from WritePaper offer students professional paper help at any time. This is a great opportunity to get instant assistance with any type of college assignment and finally relax.

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In this guide, you’ll find out how movies inspire us and promote better well-being. Maybe this will motivate you to not skip this entertainment.

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Better Mood

Cinema is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and feel better almost instantly. If you feel stressed out or anxious, it might be extremely difficult to get your mind out of the negative spiral of thoughts. This is exactly what a good movie can offer – a way to disconnect from reality for a couple of hours in a healthy way.

In 2016, a study by William K. Goodman, Ashley M. Geiger, and Jutta M. Wolf (Brandeis University) found that leisure activities like watching a film can boost mood and even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.


It only takes the right film to give one the motivation to do something. There are plenty of motivational movies for students out there. But it doesn’t even have to be aimed at inspiring action. Sometimes all a person needs is an example or food for thought.

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For example, a story about someone chasing their ambition can give a person a necessary push to work through their own dreams. It can also give the inspiration to try something new. This could be a hobby or a completely new goal.

The 2020 study by Ryan M. Niemiec (VIA Institute on Character) found that cinema has great potential in terms of inspiring and motivating people and can be used with such an aim in therapy. It also ensures focused attention and insights into our lives and character.

Improved Relations

There are not many things better than movies when it comes to connecting people. Cinema can actually improve relations in several ways, namely:

  • Watching something together can be a great bonding experience for relatives and friends;
  • Cinema is a perfect option for a date night;
  • Based on a shared interest in films, people can share ideas and passions;
  • It can teach you something about relationships or give an insight into the situation;
  • It can offer a new perspective on events and promote a healthier approach.

Sitting down to share entertainment with someone is a proven way to renew a connection. You can bond over the experience, talk about it, or simply have a great time.

Social and Cultural Reflection

If you choose a film that deals with difficult topics, it can be a powerful way to broaden your worldview and reflect on social and cultural questions. You can relate to something you didn’t know about before or develop more empathy for other groups of people.

The ability to gain insight into other people’s lives ensures higher emotional intelligence. One can get a better grip on the specific situation and explore the issue further. This can be an educational and enlightening process.

This is where this form of art holds immense power. It makes different experiences and perspectives closer and more relatable to the general public. Without it, a lot of people would not have such an opportunity to relieve something through the captivating story. For example, imagine reading about WWII in a history book and watching a movie about it. It gives a completely different perspective and feeling to it. An audience can go through hardships and victories with heroes, which makes it much more personal and emotional.

This can change one’s opinion or inspire one to make a positive change in the real world.

Overcoming Personal Struggles

Cinema and video therapy are used in psychotherapy by professionals to help people overcome their personal struggles. It is not only a distraction but also an effective way to deal with emotional states and difficult situations.

According to the 2021 study on this technique (by Elena Sacilotto, Gerardo Salvato, Federica Villa, Fulvia Salvi, and Gabriella Bottini), exposing a person to a character that deals with similar issues can have a powerful effect. This encourages one to look at the problem from a new perspective or offer different ways of coping.

The choice of genres and titles depends on the situation. After the viewing, a therapist might discuss it with you or give an exercise based on the film.

Even if you are not in therapy, you can opt for a film that mirrors your struggles in some way to cope with them better. There are beautiful titles that help with grief, loss, illness, or addiction. It is also very useful to see that you are not alone in what you are dealing with, and it is normal to feel all kinds of emotions while going through turmoil.

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Better Health

Besides mental health, cinema can also boost physical well-being. For example, laughter is good for your heart. 15 minutes of laughter are as good as an exercise session. So if you enjoy comedies, it is not only entertaining but also healthy.

However, sad or scary movies can also assist in better well-being. Watching a sad film has a positive impact on brain chemistry. It ensures the production of endorphins, which results in better pain tolerance. And they make one feel better.

Also, researchers found that scary films increase white blood cells. They are responsible for immune system response, recovery, and fighting diseases. So if you are passionate about thrillers or horrors, this is good news.

Different genres are great for different situations.

In Summary

Movies are not just an entertaining pastime. They hold great power when it comes to inspiring and motivating people. They can teach us to be better or strive for more. They can educate on serious issues and promote insight into overcoming different traumatic experiences.

Also, cinema has a lot of potential when it comes to a better mental and physical state. It can boost the immune system, strengthen your heart, or release endorphins. It is an amazing form of art that boosts empathy and emotional intelligence and assists in establishing better relations with other people.

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