The Best Comedy Series Every Family Should Be Watching

Living in a busy world is exhausting at some point, so taking comic relief becomes vital. There are comedy series that can keep the family on their laughing toes

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The Lovecraftian Horror Subgenre – Emphasizing the Unknown

  Horror has been a popular genre in the realm of cinema since the early years of filmmaking. Featuring evils consisting of conscious and unconscious concerns of the time, creators would harness their thrill off the worries and challenges belonging to the era. Threats of famishment, infidelity, and shunning would be personified through symbolic mediums […]

1998 – It Was A Very Good Year

Ah 1998, what a year! Google was founded. Andrew Wakefield published his heavily manipulated study findings in The Lancet which lead to the whole Anti-Vax movement donning their tin foil helmets. The Good Friday Agreement brought relative peace to Northern Ireland. The International Space Station became international when the Unity and Zarya modules connected. The […]

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How to Write an Essay About Favorite Movie

Do you have a favorite movie? Most people do. In this blog post, I will teach you how to write an essay about your favorite movie. It’s no secret that many students dread writing essays. But what if your favorite movie could provide inspiration and help make the process a little less painful? The first […]

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How Movies Help Us Relax and Get Inspired

Movies are often regarded simply as entertainment. Many consider it a good pastime and nothing more. However, numerous studies show that cinema can offer much more than just that. Sometimes it might be hard to find time to watch a movie. And one might feel like it is not even that important anyway. For example, […]

5 Tips To Make A Perfect Film Review

There is a whole lot that goes into making a production for the big screen. Films are a very significant part of our lives as they offer us entertainment, education, and much more when we need them the most. A lot of movies also unite people who share an interest in the genre, the storyline, […]