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Find Your Perfect Movie Theater: 8 Beautiful Theaters Every Student Should Visit

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Remember times when a cinema theater was a place of grandeur only fine folks could afford? Yes, that was long before the whole cinema industry became a lucrative business. An industry of look-alike buildings and chunky popcorn. However, there are a few cinema theaters in the modern world trying to bring the splendor of the first theaters back. As a student, you might want to check these beautiful places to enliven your routine. 

Olympia Music Hall, A Goddess of All Theaters

Tired from sleepless nights because of exam preparations or essay writing? There is a perfect solution. You can either choose a paper writer service or spend some time in Olympia Music Hall. This luxurious nineteenth-century building operates as a concert hall and a movie theater. The Hall has been the starting point in the careers of such great singers as Edith Piaf and Johnny Halliday. 

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Photo by Madai on Unsplash

A decade ago, the place was reconstructed into a multiple-bed cinema theater during the Ikea ad campaign. Who wouldn’t like to grab a munchie and hop on the Ikea bed!

History and Beauty Meet in Kurshumli An 

If you ever struggled to prioritize history over art classes, now you don’t have to. Located in Macedonia, Kurshumli An is a world-known cinema hall. Created in an open-sky amphitheater design, the place is set in sixteenth-century ruins. 

Most of all, Kurshumli An reminds of the ‘Game of Thrones’ picturesque locations. A great place to watch documentaries instead of struggling to prioritize school subjects you want to skip with PaperWriter reviews and be free! Moreover, with sixty rooms on two floors, there is a place for visitors who wish to stay for a night. A great fortress for the fans of Film studies.

Glory and Romance of Notting Hill

A place that gives you a vibe of the 1940s’ dating culture. Leather sofas in the first row and cashmere-soft armchairs in the last one. Vintage lamps on the desktops between the armchairs are the only sources of light. 

All this romance in fashion is a great way to watch old movies and imagine yourself being Vivien Lee or Clarke Gable on a date night. 

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This 100-year-old cinema theater is also a great place for wine lovers. Yes, drinking wine is legal here: everything to satisfy your taste buds.

Imaginarium at Disneyland

Always wanted to live in an animated movie world? And in a different era too? Now you have it with the colorful drive-in movie theater in Disney. 

  • All-age-appropriate. Bright bold colors in the settings will keep the youngsters busy, while adults enjoy their meals in old-model cars. 
  • The 1950s’ daydream. Don’t we love drive-ins with movies on enormous open-sky screens? In this dine-in theater, you eat in cars, surrounded by amazingly designed walls around. The latter truly deserve to be a subject of your art degree project. 
  • Classic advertisements. Now, this is a capitalist’s dream coming true. Enjoy your American milkshake and hamburger and watch the pearls of the classic advertisement.

One of the Oldest Theaters

The Bijou Theater at Bridgeport was once popular among the older generation. A few decades ago, it has turned into a site of attraction for many cinema fans again. Built a century ago, the cinema theater became known for showing vaudevilles and special evening programs. At that time, the prices like 5 or 10 cents were ridiculously low, making the theater a hit for the working-class crowd. A few decades later, the Bijou Theater became a renowned ballet school.

Nowadays, the Bijou Theater is back with a stylish red-bricked floor, black chairs, and restaurant-like tables on the room sides. The space is welcoming and ready to entertain its visitors.

Sun Always Rises: The Sun Theater

Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash

A beautiful art deco building with a long history of multiple refurbishments and restorations. In 1938, the building could contain up to one thousand people. Nowadays, there are eight rooms to enjoy a movie of your taste. Other reasons which make this place so special to students are:

  • Beautiful design. The place is a real godsend to students studying art and architecture. The art deco design is a storytelling piece of amazing 1930s’ architecture. 
  • Sweet snacks. The movie theater has a special menu for its guests. The masterpiece of all times is ice cream with chocolate dips. 
  • Special podcast. From now on, you can listen to directors talking about their works in Sun Theater’s podcast. A great way to improve your cognition and perceive information through different channels. 

The Place of Gods: Orinda Theater 

A true artistic masterpiece, this movie theater was built in the 1940s. Demolished in the 1980s and restored later, the building has undergone an elegant refurbishment. The walls and floors contain pictures of gods and other mythological creatures, making this art deco Olymp stunning.

A part of the Orinda Theater Square, the building neighbors retail shops and diners. If you want to enjoy a tasty meal before seeing a newly released drama, this place is perfect. Reminiscent of a cinema theater in a traditional shop mall, Orinda Theater allows you to plan your day and purchases effectively. 

The Church of Arts: Coolidge Corner Theater

Another sample of a beautifully crafted building in art deco style. With glimmering neon lights, the theater is a sight of attraction for nightlife lovers. Interesting fact: the theater was built as a church one hundred years ago. That explains the domed ceiling and murals. 

The interior is gorgeous. Dark wood panels, gilded ornaments, and art on walls and the ceiling will inspire any art lover. 

The theater works as a non-profit organization, which you can always join and support. Though it is currently closed during COVID-19 pandemic, one can order private screenings. Rent a room and enjoy the beauty of murals. 

Final Thoughts

If you are lucky to study art and films, going to cinema theaters will be a hometask one does with pleasure. Regardless of the major, you can always prioritize your film studies by choosing to see a movie in the old fashion. We hope our list of the most beautiful cinema theaters has helped you choose a theater to visit during your next holidays. 


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