The app that tells you the best time to Run & Pee during a movie so you don’t miss the best scenes.

Try it for free (Learn more.)

Try it for free (Learn more.)

RunPee FAQ Updated

Things are happening fast behind the scenes here at RunPee Central, so it was high time to update our RunPee FAQ Page. We added information on our new RunPee iPhone app, on other Smartphone apps a-brewing for you, and added links to useful stuff like how we make a PeeTime. As in exactly how we […]

How to Use PeeTimes at

We often get people wondering how to use RunPee app. It’s really very easy to be armed with proper PeeTimes at the movie theater, and relax…knowing you won’t waste your theater ticket money by leaving at inopportune moments. Easy Steps for Using PeeTimes.               Jill FlorioCo-Creator of RunPee, Chief […]

iPhone RunPee App Reviews – we’re brilliant!

Tom Gromak of the Detroit News got his hands on our new iPhone RunPee download from iTunes. He neatly sums up why the the RunPee mobile app 1.0 version is so useful for cinematic movie-goers: “…I feared that using the site to plan ahead would allow me to see spoilers that might ruin the experience. […]

iPhone Mobile Version of RunPee Now Released

Here is our new press release on the BRAND NEW, just released iPhone application, available at iTunes! YAY! We’re so thrilled it’s finally live and ready for $1.99 downloading. Our fresh press relase, for anyone who might like to post this: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dan Florio, 310-977-0553 [email protected] NEW iPHONE APP LETS MOVIEGOERS ENJOY […]

iPhone Apps just released Period Tracker – expect RunPee to follow

We just got word that yet another personal boldily function has been molded by iPhone into an application to make your life better and better. This time the subject is a woman’s menstruation cycle. The app looks useful, thoughtfully planned and definately useful for women! We figure that if the subject of a…well..bloody PERIOD is […]

Finding PeeTimes – EXACTLY how I find those movie breaks

A few people have asked how I make PeeTimes. Well let me tell you: it isn’t easy, or fun. But it must be done. Bladders depend on me!

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