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There are all sorts of famous movie basements out there and many of them end up with some sort of permanent problems. If you were to look at these famous movie basements, would you be able to fix the problems that arise during the movie? Here are some of the most famous movie basements, along with an explanation of how to fix their problems.

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The Sopranos

Tony Soprano would often go into his basement to have important conversations, as the noise from the AC unit made it more difficult to listen in. However, at one point, Tony’s basement water heater exploded, causing serious flooding. To fix this problem, an expert would have to clean up the basement water damage, install a sump pump, and replace the water heater.

The Goonies

During The Goonies, the Fratellis capture Chunk and hold him in their basement along with Sloth, one of their family members. Together, the two break out, causing a chain of events that involves an underground cave collapsing. A fix would require repairing the stonework in the basement and filling in the sinkhole the cave collapse created.


The Ghostbusters have their office in the basement of a firehouse, and a containment unit takes up a significant part of the lower level. When an EPA inspector orders an electrician to cut the power, that containment unit explodes. This is a pretty labor-intensive repair — piering and wall stabilization would probably be necessary because of major foundation damage. The Ghostbusters may also want to install a backup generator to prevent issues in the future.


The basement of Felix’s home is where he keeps his office. However, it’s damp and dingy, clearly not great for an office space. If he wanted to fix up this basement to make it a great office, he may want to consider mold remediation and a moisture barrier to keep out humidity, as well as drainage that can direct water out of the basement.

Wayne’s World

This is one of the few basements that doesn’t really have a problem; it’s just not great for its current purpose. Wayne and Garth broadcast live shows in Wayne’s parents’ basement every Friday night, which is loud enough to annoy his parents. Fixing this problem would be as simple as getting in an expert group that can soundproof the basement to create a studio.

John Wick

The titular John Wick of this movie uses a sledgehammer to dig up a cache of weapons he had buried underneath his basement. Of course, this leaves the floor of the basement completely torn apart. After ensuring that tearing up the basement had not seriously damaged the foundation, a foundation repair expert could repour concrete to fix the basement slab.

Home Alone

In the Home Alone basement, Kevin has an encounter with the furnace, where it appears a monster has possessed it. Replacing the furnace and heat vents would probably get rid of the monster. Additionally, as he walks in, Kevin notices that it “smells funny,” which may indicate that the family needs a dehumidifier in the basement.


Susan Cooper’s work for the CIA in this movie takes her to the CIA headquarters in Langley. The Washington, D.C. area typically has problems with basements, and this is no exception; there are rats and mice running around this basement. Calling an exterminator will get rid of the current rats and mice, but hiring a basement professional would address the areas where these critters are getting inside.


Basements in movies can get by with having some problems, but chances are, your basement can’t. If you’re having any sort of basement problems, you should definitely talk to a basement repair expert as quickly as possible. That can help you with your basement problems for good.

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8 responses to “Basement Fixes to Salvage Famous Movie Basements”

  1. Michael Fields Avatar
    Michael Fields

    Not really a basement, but in Silence of the Lambs, Buffalo Bill had a hole where he kept a woman, and he kept giving her lotion, if he installed a bathroom with a medicine cabinet he could have had lots of lotion there for her and probably would not have to clean a mess after she was gone as there was no toilet.

  2. OH MAN. I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs, although I know it’s a top film…I don’t like being scared. I have a feeling what the lotion is about, based on some pop culture quotes. But don’t tell me for sure. Someday I’ll convince someone to watch it with me and hold my hand.

    Sure, I’ll consider a hole a basement room. Too bad there was no bathroom. Yuck. Good catch, Michael!

  3. I just thought of another notable basement: That 70s Show. The gang hangs out in a converted bedroom basement almost every episode.

    Also, the alligator hurricane movie Crawl takes place in a flooded crawlspace. Does this count?

  4. Michael Fields Avatar
    Michael Fields

    Thank You Jill, I will not say anything about it, and its funny like you there is one movie I know pretty much EVERYTHING about but have never watched as it just is to spooky for me and I really like scary movies, and that movie is “The Shinning” I think it has to be I went to a place that was HUGE like that one time and it was just the 4 of us, and so of us (Me) got lost a few times and walked around not knowing if I was going to see 2 little girls around the next corner or not

    1. Hi, Michael, that’s cool. The original Shining is not scary so much as tense and uncomfortable. Some of the ‘scary’ scenes are more laughable (elevator blood).

      I’ve been to the hotel they filmed it at on Colorado and that’s a neat experience. I don’t think they had a hedge maze, though. That’s one of the set pieces at the end that makes the movie fun. Smart kid.

      Set set time and watch it with another person. It’s better with someone. I’d like to the Silence of the Lambs eventually, but not alone. 🙂

  5. Michael Fields Avatar
    Michael Fields

    I know its just something about that movie, and I use to live next to a cemetery in the 80’s, and I was in a Hurricane in Houston Texas and was watching the Exorcist when the storm got so strong all the power went out, so its not that I get scary easy, its just something about that movie. I know its strange

  6. Micheal, that sounds like a scary combination! Bunkering down with a horror movie next to a cemetery! Were you in the basement?

    It kind of makes me think of watching Airplane on a plane, or Twister during a tornado warning. 😉

  7. Michael Fields Avatar
    Michael Fields

    Funny you should say that, I did not live in a basement, it was way early in my 20’s and I lived in HALF a garage that was converted into a Studio. (That was under a house) (I paid rent for that) And also I DID watch the movie Final Destination the day before I got on a plane (I did not know it was about a plane accident) And I watched Dawn of the Dead in that same Studio Garage (I did not know it started in a cemetery, a friend of mine just told me to watch it and all I knew was a summery of it.)

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