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More than Snape: Remembering Alan Rickman

One of the big things that actors worry about is being typecast. No matter what, they are always worrying that they might become “That guy off Star Trek” or “Oh look! Now we know who the baddie is.” They might be a very believable alien or a credibly naughty person, but they’ll never be taken […]


Oh Look! It’s Him Again! – Recognizing Actor Timothy Spall

“There’s the funny-looking character actor who plays the same role every time. But I’m the funny-looking character actor who plays many different kinds.” – Timothy Spall Tim Spall is one of those brilliant, chameleonic actors who can turn his hand to any role but — probably because he isn’t classically handsome — isn’t a top […]


RIP Sir Ian Holm – Farewell to Bilbo, Ash, Father Cornelius, King Lear and more

Sir Ian Holm has died as of June 19th, 2020, at the age of 88, due to complications with Parkinson’s. This versatile actor will not be forgotten, through the epic roles in epic tales he’s left behind. There’s an old theatrical trope that says if you want to get on you’ll take any part however […]


Director Paul Verhoeven & the Woeful Reboots of Robocop, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers

What have the following all got in common: Robocop, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers? All three are cracking — if a bit O.T.T. — films by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. Usually a term like ‘maverick’ is thrown in at some point but, as the only other Dutch director I’m aware of is Jan de Bont, […]

patrick-stewart-picard-day (300x299)

Sir Patrick Stewart turns 80 – a retrospective of an extraordinary actor

Sir Patrick Stewart turns 80 this year. Happy Picard Day Birthday! The man’s been around the world of entertainment for over sixty years. Film and TV mind you, not just theatre, but it wasn’t until towards the end of the last millennium that he ‘appeared’. Making it so Surprised that Star Trek was still popular […]


Movie Review – Greyhound

This is twice in one week that Tom Hanks has been in the navy here. A couple of days ago I watched Captain Phillips, and today it’s Greyhound, so Mr. Hanks crossed from the Merchant Navy to the Royal Navy, or whatever the American equivalent is. Greyhound is an adaptation of a CS Forester novel […]


Movie Review – Irresistible

I like Steve Carell, most usually in his comedy roles. (I thought the American version of The Office went downhill after he left). He’s also good in his dramatic turns. The Big Short, Marwen, and The Morning Show all were excellent and gave him a chance to show off his serious chops. Add to that […]


Movie Review – Artemis Fowl

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… I was really disappointed by Artemis Fowl.  Not because it was a bad film — it wasn’t — nor because it was badly made because, again: it wasn’t. The cast was (mostly) good, the effects were spot on, and the acting was fine. My disappointment was because the film […]

Brit Classic Franchise Renewal: Should We Carry On?

Those of you living outside of the UK might not be aware of the Carry On franchise, but over here they formed the backbone of late 20th century entertainment. Thirty films spread over the period 1958-1978 including a highlights compilation, four Christmas specials, a television series of thirteen episodes, three stage plays, and a misjudged […]

Remembering James Bond — Seeing Goldfinger live in the theater

So what do Pierce Brosnan and I have in common? Both voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in 2001? Both about 6’2”? Both have had a license to kill? Only one of those three is correct but there is something else that we have in common… the first film we saw in the cinema […]

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