Why We’re Not RunPoo

A few RunPee fans have asked why we don’t list PooTimes, or wondered why we don’t start a sister site about pooping during movies. I know it’s all in good fun, but to answer a silly question seriously, we really think that if you have to RunPoo during a film, it’s probably pretty urgent. You are going to go anyway. And you are probably going to go as soon as you hear nature’s call, movie break or no movie break. The Colon - wikipedia creative commons

There are two kinds of poo – the immediate kind that can’t wait (what did you eat earlier, anyway?), and the regular ‘movement’ kind that can probably hold out for the end of the movie and – hopefully – your own toilet. 🙂

For moms with kids in the theater, poo needs do take on a third kind of meaning: the kind that is a regular movement, but located in a person with little to no bowel control. Yes, your toddlers and young kids. It’s like needing a really long PeeTime.

For those moms and dads, we suggest you arm yourself with our RunPee iPhone app, or print off a list of PeeTimes from the website – and make the best of it. 🙂

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