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Movie review : G-Force

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In case you didn’t know, G-Force is 3-D movier for young kids. There were many kids in the audience in the 4-7 age ranges. The main reason I say it’s a young kids movie is that there are a lot of short scenes and every 3rd scene – at least – involves some sort of action. Something to keep the kids from losing focus.

I did notice that the kids in the theater laughed quite a few times. And I saw the 3D version which seemed very appealing to them. A handful of times you could hear them gasp as something seemed to leap out of the screen.

So it’s a safe bet that most young children will enjoy this. I wouldn’t push this off on children getting into their early teens, though.

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As for adults, well… it didn’t suck. But what many good writers are able to do is intersperse adult humor into a kids film that the kids won’t be able to get. Usually by quoting something in past/pop culture, or paying homage to other movies. There was just a tiny bit of that here and it just wasn’t that well done.

What did you think about G-Force? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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6 responses to “Movie review : G-Force”

  1. I’m going to be honest here: This movie was awful. Even for kids. It may be because I didn’t see it in 3D, but the movie had absolutely no magic. Had there not been adorable guinea pigs running around on the screen, I probably would’ve left. Just my opinion.

    1. @Jason, I wouldn’t say it’s awful. I’m sure that a lot of kids really liked it. But it isn’t remotely in the same category as The Incredibles, Toy Story, etc.

  2. I just saw Wall-E yesterday. Now *that’s* a movie for all ages. 🙂 Plus it wins an award by being the first movie on the site with a PeeTime. 🙂
    .-= Jilly´s last blog ..Why Flash? =-.

  3. I agree, Wall-E wins as by far the best movie for all ages. But, polyGeek, I have to be honest. When you don’t see it in 3D, there’s no magic for the kids, and definitely none for the parents. The only times I laughed in the movie when was my friend accidentally chucked her purse across the room.

    Okay, so I’m getting off-topic. What I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty sure no one laughed when I saw the movie. Not even kids. Granted, an old lady laughed a few times, but other than that, the laughter was small or nonexistent.

    1. @Jason, maybe it’s easier to make Florida children laugh. 🙂

  4. Ha ha, that could be true.

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