Why Marvel’s Spiderman Fixed the Franchise

He’s the only superhero from Queens, far as I know.

How many Spideys have graced (or disgraced) (or Topher Graced) the iconic young superhero on the big screen over the last few decades? This is the THIRD go at it in the modern era — but you probably knew that. How come Tom Holland’s performance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is considered superior?

This video (12 minutes in length) details a bit of Spiderman history, some words about Spiderman’s mask vs Peter Parker’s eyes, the importance of not dragging your viewers through the same origin moments over and over (ie – the spider bite, the death of Uncle Ben)…and a lot of cool tidbits you probably didn’t know about our favorite arachnid-themed teen hero:

Jill Florio

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3 Replies to “Why Marvel’s Spiderman Fixed the Franchise”

  1. YEAH — the TNG references were adorably adorkable. Like stuff I’d say. 🙂

    I kind of want to re-watch all the versions now, with Grace, Garfield, and Holland, and write about why Holland is the best, and what he did so, so right.

    Actually, I never watched the Andrew Garfield ones. I was kind of annoyed at the time that Sony rebooted Spiderman so quickly after the other trilogy. I thought they should have given up and moved on from that particular hero. But after seeing how awesome Holland was, how perfectly he captured Peter Parker, I’m glad to be proven wrong.

  2. Yeah, but hard to say who is the most important – Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Dr. Strange, the people of Wakanda? Spidey should rank highly, too, but he’s still just a kid, I look forward to watching him grow up before our eyes. We’ve had ten years of the MCU…in another ten years Peter Parker will be a gown man!

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