RunPee T-shirts

RunPee_t-shirtWould anyone be interested in a RunPee t-shirt?

I’m not looking to make any money from t-shirt sales. I just want to get t-shirts out to the fans who would like them. It helps me market the app so I’ll basically charge the cost of the shirt + shipping. I think I can get that down to about $8. Less if there were a huge demand for over 1,000 t-shirts.

Secondly there’s the design and types of t-shirts. I can go with a variety of t-shirts but I’d need to settle on a design. What do you think about the photo below? The tag line reads, “Because movie theaters don’t have pause buttons.”

We’ll get the shirts printed locally and mail them out ourselves. If anyone has advice I’d love to hear it. We’re all new at this.

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