R.I.P.D. – movie review

RIPDGrade: C-

If you didn’t already guess from the previews R.I.P.D. is essentially Men In Black with dead people. Except MIB is a classic, funny movie. R.I.P.D. is, at best, mildly amusing. The audience laughed a handful of times but not very hard. And if I recall correctly the only funny bits are Jeff Bridges’ lines, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

If you’re a big Jeff Bridges fan then you’ll probably enjoy the movie. Jeff gets to go over the top with his enigmatic character. The rest of the movie is about as predictable as a McDonald’s menu.

That being said the movie isn’t badly done. The pacing, direction, acting are all adequate, but nothing stands out. My biggest grip is that it’s a very short movie. Without the credits the movie is less than an hour and a half long. Pardon me but I expect to be entertained for a bit longer than that.

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