Prettiest Live Action Movies

Working on a post of “prettiest” ever live action movies. Fun topic. They have to be gorgeous on their own merits, must stand out as really lovely simply in the viewing, plot aside.

 You’ll notice that most of the following are in sci-fi and fantasy genres, which is a viewing bias some of us have. Help me out in the comments so I may add more.
  • LOTR and The Hobbit
  • GotG (one and Two)
  • Avatar (and we assume the next 5 will be, too)
  • The Thor movies (Asgard scenes)
  • Harry Potter movies (1 – 4 i think are the prettiest. They kind of get dark and gritty after that.)
  • The Force Awakens
  • Titanic
  • 2001
  • Star Trek, The Motion Picture
  • Gladiator
 Well, there’s our short list. What are we missing? Where do you disagree?
Willow? Ladyhawke? Pirates (and which ones?).
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