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The Losers
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I’m a big fan of this movie genre. I can’t wait to see the A-Team. But let me tell you this movie was horrible. The plot was horrible. The acting, what little there was of it, was bad. Most of the time it seemed like the actors were just reading their lines for the first time. A few minor laughs. The action was okay at best. And you certainly see all the good bits in the previews. And let me tell you the bad guy in this movie – Max – was pathetic. He was supposed to be some funny bad guy and it just didn’t work at all. Bad writing, bad direction, bad acting.

This movie got a 37% from That’s 37% too high.

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  1. I don’t think the acting was bad; plus usually the actors/actresses can only go as far as the script for their characters go, so in other words if the script was bad then the film will be bad and the acting will be perceived or should be perceived as acting to the best of their ability. But nevertheless the film was bad in although I agree 37% may be to high I will say that 35 should be the correct.

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