Movie review: That’s My Boy

Don’t you hate it when the movie companies release a trailer that contains every funny scene in the movie? You get your hopes up that it’s going to be a hilarious movie only to find out that you’ve already seen all of the funny scenes sitting at home on your couch for free. I was fully expecting that from this movie. I begrudgingly went to the theater, bought my ticket, found my seat and got ready to be disappointed. Well, I was wrong. The movie delivered and then some.

The cast worked very well together and, might I say, was a very diversified group. The humor was at a constant level and they didn’t over do it with stupidity. Of course we know how the movie will end up but the ending was such a fun filled ride it’s worth the gas.

The soundtrack was awesome. Of course it was! Vanilla Ice was in it…Ice is back with his brand new invention..rollin in his 5.0 Yeah, I’m a 90’s child.

I read a few bad reviews on this movie and the one negative that I will agree upon is I didn’t care for the voice Adam Sandler used. I didn’t get why he needed to speak that way. The movie made up for it so I won’t harp about that. Overall it gets a B+ in my book. Good job Happy Madison!

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