Movie review : Playing For Keeps

Playing For KeepsGrade: C+

Playing For Keeps was exactly what I thought it would be. A lot of chuckles, a great cast and about as predictable as a calendar. It follows the same formula used since the invention of romantic comedies. Guy has girl, loses girl. Guy wants girl back and stops at nothing to get her. He gets her back. Oops loses her again. Gives up and pouts for about ten minutes and girl now wants guy back.

That being said there were a number of quality moments. In my opinion Dennis Quaid stole the show. He by far had the funniest lines and delivered them with the perfect timing and facial expressions. Even if the movie had been on mute his scenes would have made me crack up. Uma Thurman played his more than nutty wife and really brought it. I wish they would have had much larger parts. It would have improved the movie.

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I walked away from this movie with two questions. Why did Catherine Zeta Jones take this roll? My take on it, this role was beneath her. She was just another psycho soccer Mom, with a small twist, hell bent on sleeping with Gerard Butler. Don’t get me wrong. She did a wonderful job but her talent was wasted on this movie. Secondly, did they embalm Jessica Biel for this part? She was so stiff that a mortician could have directed her better. There was zero chemistry between her and Butler. I think that was where the tedious part of the movie came in. I couldn’t understand why he would want her back. He had all these sexy housewives throwing themselves at him and he went for the one that wouldn’t even look him in the eye.

All in all, when it comes out on DVD and you’re cleaning house and want some background noise on, pop this flick in and enjoy yourself. Not theater worthy but defiantly a renter.

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