Movie review – Mars Needs Moms

This was a truly unique movie. Never before has animation appeared so life like. Facial expressions and lip movements were closer to reality than I’ve seen in previous animated films – and I see a lot. As a bonus as the credits roll at the end we are given an insight as to how this was achieved using head gear on the actors doing the voices.

Not only was this a technically interesting movie but the plot was terrific. It was action packed from beginning to end with lots of humor and even a couple of heart warming scenes.

For the younger audience there’s a few scenes that are a bit scary and a few that may bring a tear to your eye. A young boy and his mother exited the movie just ahead of me. I asked mom how she and her son liked the movie and they both said that they loved it. Mom said that at one point they were both crying just a little – although the little boy denied it. 🙂

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