Movie review: Hysteria

It’s a fun and enjoyable movie that is probably best left as a rental.

Tanya Wexler, the director of “Hysteria”, gracefully walked a fine line between humor and obscenity.

I’m a big fan of historical period-pieces. As such vI’d give this movie a passing grade only because, from what I’ve learned, they did a good job of capturing the essence of the period which is the most important thing. Yes, there really was a Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville who was instrumental in the development of the vibrator. And yes doctors did regularly massage women’s genitalia to achieve “hysterical paroxysms” as a treatment for many general maladies. Besides that I’m not sure if any of the specifics in this story are true. But that can generally be over looked.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was perfectly cast to play the role of the progressive English lady. I thought the rest of the cast was just so-so.

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