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Armored is a nondemanding bit of amiable escapism. I appreciated the thriller’s lean pace, warehouse visuals and Columbus Short’s earnest, determined characterization.

In the latter half of the film, it felt like a non-humorous version of Die Hard. No dig intended: I mean this in a nice way. I always enjoy seeing one man creep around the bad guys, using only his wits to defy terrible odds.

This is a solid B outing. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking in the heist genre! Big guns Lawrence Fishburne and Jean Reno do little more than grunt and look serious, making me wonder why they are here at all. Matt Dillon does have nice chemistry with Short, and this keeps things rolling along.

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Jill Florio

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  1. Anyone know why Lawrence Fishburne was in this film? He doesn’t do anything. Was this just an easy paycheck for him, and the use of his name to help promote a B film? What do you think?

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