Identity Theif – movie review

IdentityThiefGrade: B

I just spent the last hour reading reviews on Identity Thief. The majority of them had very unkind words dealing with almost every aspect of the movie. From the way these reviews were written I’m worried that too many people will take those negative remarks to heart and skip this flick.

I saw the movie in a packed theater and I heard a continuous amount of laughter throughout the movie. When exiting the theater everyone was smiling and talking about how funny it was. Definitely not Oscar material but it doesn’t deserve the trash talk many reviewers gave it.

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy displayed great chemistry. Her carefree attitude mixed with his uptight ways worked for me. I would like to see them do more movies together.

Another negative review commented on how the development of the supporting cast wasn’t up to par. The sub-plots/supporting cast didn’t need to be any more in depth. It would have taken too much away from the Sandy/Diana screen time. There was  just enough of the supporting cast to keep the dynamic duo’s plot rolling along at a nice clip.

It’s a fun little movie. I’m happy I saw it and will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis) owes RunPee Sis a huge debt of gratitude. She sees any movie needed with no complaints and has done so for ten years (even basing Thanksgiving and Christmas family festivities around the seeing films). In 2015 Sis ran the entire RunPee enterprise herself, while RunPee Dan, Jilly and Mom went traipsing off to Europe. Sis is the spider in the web holding the RunPee family together — besides being a funny, well rounded person, and a joyous pleasure to be around. Her favorite films start and end with horror (which thank goodness she’s happy to see, since most of us don’t have the stomach for it) — but also likes silly comedies, sad dramas, and musicals of all types. If you’ve used a Peetime for a scary film, you probably have RunPee Sis to thank for it.

Favorite movie genre: Horror, horror, and more horror. The more disturbing, the better. Period.


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