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The Conjuring – movie review

Grade: A The Conjuring was by far the best scary movie I have seen since I was a little girl. At one point I was wishing for my blanket to cover my head and hide my eyes with. I do not have one bad thing to say abut this movie. It was great. The entire […]

Evil Dead – movie review

Grade: A Evil Dead was by far the best remake I have ever seen. This movie captured me in the first three minutes and didn’t let go until the credits ended. We walked out of the very crowded theater just glowing. The whole crowd was roaring with each and every scene. It was a lively […]

Spring Breakers – movie review

Grade: B “Spring Breakers” was absolutely not what I was expecting. When I saw that Selena Gomez was starring I figured it would be a lighthearted comedy. I overlooked the fact that it has an R-rating. There was nothing lighthearted about this movie. It was an in your face and slap you on the butt […]

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – movie review

Grade: D I normally love my comfy job but “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” was really like working. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Watching the trailers I figured there would be some cool magic tricks and of course some really cool characters. How can you go wrong with a cast of Steve Carell, […]

Oz the Great and Powerful

Grade: B+ Visually it’s a stunning movie. Regrettably I didn’t see it in 3D – because it’s hard to take peetime notes with those glasses on – but tomorrow I’m going back to see it with the family in 3D. ( I’ll update this review with my 3D thoughts later. ) The set designs were […]

21 and Over – movie review

Grade: B+ If you enjoyed *Hangover* then you’re going to love *21 and Over* – they’re both written and directed by the same crew. The difference between these movies is that *The Hangover* barely crossed over the line to become an R-rated film; *21 and Over* goes zooming past that line, and leaves it fading […]

Dark Skies – movie review

Grade: C Dark Skies wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t great either. The cast is mostly unknown; Keri Russell was the only actor I had heard of before. While I’m not a big fan of hers I liked her in this flick. She did a decent job with what was a fairly weak script. […]

Beautiful Creatures – movie review

Grade: B- Beautiful Creatures did it’s job as a movie. I was entertained for the entire two hours. The cast was awesome. It was visually appealing and it left me wanting more. I knew it was based on a book but I did not know it was a series of four books. I won’t give […]

Identity Theif – movie review

Grade: B I just spent the last hour reading reviews on Identity Thief. The majority of them had very unkind words dealing with almost every aspect of the movie. From the way these reviews were written I’m worried that too many people will take those negative remarks to heart and skip this flick. I saw […]

Warm Bodies – movie review

Grade: C I’ve been anxiously awaiting *Warm Bodies* for months now. The trailers had me anxiously awaiting this new spin on zombie movies. It looked like my perfect cup of tea: zombies, humor, romance, and action. I would like to ask the people who make the movie trailers to stop including every funny scene from […]