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Oz the Great and Powerful

Grade: B+ Visually it’s a stunning movie. Regrettably I didn’t see it in 3D – because it’s hard to take peetime notes with those glasses on – but tomorrow I’m going back to see it with the family in 3D. ( I’ll update this review with my 3D thoughts later. ) The set designs were […]

21 and Over – movie review

Grade: B+ If you enjoyed *Hangover* then you’re going to love *21 and Over* – they’re both written and directed by the same crew. The difference between these movies is that *The Hangover* barely crossed over the line to become an R-rated film; *21 and Over* goes zooming past that line, and leaves it fading […]

Dark Skies – movie review

Grade: C Dark Skies wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t great either. The cast is mostly unknown; Keri Russell was the only actor I had heard of before. While I’m not a big fan of hers I liked her in this flick. She did a decent job with what was a fairly weak script. […]

Beautiful Creatures – movie review

Grade: B- Beautiful Creatures did it’s job as a movie. I was entertained for the entire two hours. The cast was awesome. It was visually appealing and it left me wanting more. I knew it was based on a book but I did not know it was a series of four books. I won’t give […]

Identity Theif – movie review

Grade: B I just spent the last hour reading reviews on Identity Thief. The majority of them had very unkind words dealing with almost every aspect of the movie. From the way these reviews were written I’m worried that too many people will take those negative remarks to heart and skip this flick. I saw […]

Warm Bodies – movie review

Grade: C I’ve been anxiously awaiting *Warm Bodies* for months now. The trailers had me anxiously awaiting this new spin on zombie movies. It looked like my perfect cup of tea: zombies, humor, romance, and action. I would like to ask the people who make the movie trailers to stop including every funny scene from […]

Movie review : Texas Chainsaw 3D

Grade: C+ I was pleasantly surprised with the latest attempt at the Texas Chainsaw phenomenon. Being ruled by the darker side of my personality I find it almost impossible to pass up these movies. I wasn’t expecting much out of this one but I most definitely walked away pleased. Don’t get me wrong..it wasn’t terrific. […]

Movie review : Parental Guidance

Grade: A+ Parental Guidance was the perfect choice for a Christmas Day movie. Of course I had to see it for work but since it was Christmas I took my husband and daughter to see it with me. My husband and I are going to be grandparents any day now so this was a super […]

Movie review: This is 40

Grade A+ This Is 40 was awesome!! It has made my top ten favorite movies of all time list for sure! I happen to be 39 right now and in a few months will hit the big 40. After seeing this movie I’m totally cool with it. Leslie Mann (Debbie) pulled off such an amazing […]

Movie review : Playing For Keeps

Grade: C+ Playing For Keeps was exactly what I thought it would be. A lot of chuckles, a great cast and about as predictable as a calendar. It follows the same formula used since the invention of romantic comedies. Guy has girl, loses girl. Guy wants girl back and stops at nothing to get her. […]