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Cinderella – movie review

Grade: B+ Disney studios along with Kenneth Branagh as director has given a fresh look to an age-old fairy tale. The original animated movie of Cinderella is a classic and hopefully this is how posterity will view the new Cinderella. It’s a beautiful movie with an outstanding cast and spot on directing.

Still Alice – movie review

Grade: A This movie addresses the delicate subject of familial Alzheimer’s and the emotional impact on one family. Julianne Moore gave an extraordinary performance as Alice and the rest of the cast sort of fell to the back of the plot so that what we see and feel for Alice isn’t diluted by the emotions […]

Spongebob Squarepants 2 – movie review

Grade: C+ This is a movie for young children in the 3 to 7 age range. It’s loud, colorful, and frenetic. Mom and Dad probably won’t get any enjoyment out of it. There is very little humor aimed at adults. You might laugh more at your kids enjoyment than at the movie itself.

Black and White – movie review

Grade: B I’m not sure what director Mike Binder wants the audience to take away from this film. I didn’t view it as a racially motivated movie, as much as a family drama. The writing and directing are spot on, and the cast was excellent. I would love to see Kevin Costner get at the […]

Strange Magic – movie review

Grade: B+ Strange Magic should appeal to movie goers of all ages. Children will love the animation, while the older set will enjoy the sound track — classic rock and roll. The story was charming and funny. Adults will laugh at some of the dialog that goes over the heads of children. I’m not sure […]

Paddington – movie review

Grade: A Paddington was an un*bear*ably charming movie and sweeter than orange marmalade. (Note: I tried to talk my mother out of that pun but she insisted.) The story was well paced, funny, and well..cuddly. The entire family will enjoy it. I give high marks to Ben Whishaw and the digital artists at Framestore for […]

LEGO Movie – movie review

Grade: B Lego Movie was cute, charming and funny. There’s a great cast of voices and lots of action. Kids will enjoy this movie and the parents, especially dads, will be eager to get home and head for the kids room to pull out the Legos and start building things again. I give this movie […]

Gimme Shelter – movie review

Grade: B “Gimme Shelter” was an obvious ‘Pro Life’ movie. That being said, I don’t think a movie review is a forum for discussing pro life vs. pro choice. I’m grading this movie based on the script, the acting and the directing. I give high marks to Vanessa Hudgens, Brendan Fraser and Rosario Dawson. Each […]

Despicable Me 2 – movie review

Grade: A Universal’s Despicable Me 2 is as funny and charming as the first movie. Gru has become a nice guy and content to care for the girls but throw in a possible love interest, Lucy voiced by Kristen Wiig and Gru’s life begins to change. We get to see more of the Minions which […]