Shani Ogilvie

Shani Ogilvie loves attending the movies and enjoys psychological thrillers, foreign, Marvel, sci-fi, and action films. Comic films, in particular, hold a special place in her heart. There’s not an opening weekend that will pass without her seeing that week’s comic release. Shani has a degree in Health Sciences from Boston University. She is a …

Movie review – All the Money in the World

From our New York Special Reviewer, Shani Ogilvie: From the trailers, I expected it to be more suspenseful or action based, but instead it was a very conversational movie. I think the acting was good, but moviegoers can definitely wait for this to be released on DVD. Grade: B-

Movie review – The Shape of Water

From our helpful and astute New York pinch-hitter, Shani Ogilvie: The Shape of Water is a great mix of romance, comedy, and action. The characters in the movie were all non-stereotypical, and each added another layer to the overall theme of the movie. Definitely see this in theaters. Grade: A