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Movie review : Invictus

Invictus Buy the soundtrack for Invictus Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com You won’t find anything wrong with the story, or the acting nor the directing. That’s because Invictus is the product of the best in the business. And who else could possibly play Nelson Mandela besides Morgan Freeman? I’m not even sure this movie […]

Movie review : Everybody’s Fine

Everybody’s Fine Buy the soundtrack for Everybody’s Fine Purchase at Amazon.com Another ho-hum movie. Nothing much to say about it, either good or bad. This is a watered down performance from Robert De Niro. Times used to be that De Niro in a movie meant something. But de Niro playing an old man/father is something […]

Movie review : Brothers

Brothers [ Spoilers ahead ] This really pisses me off. The previews made the story up to be about an affair between a wife and her husband’s brother while the husband is off fighting in Afghanistan. But there wasn’t an affair. It was nothing but a kiss? Just a kiss? The real drama came from […]

Movie review : Up In The Air

Up In The Air Buy the soundtrack for Up In The Air Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com A very enjoyable movie. Plenty of laughs and the story doesn’t trod down Predictability Lane. It’s a little difficult to associate with the characters since they lead rather unconventional lives. But the issues they face are similar […]

Movie review : Old Dogs

Old Dogs Buy the soundtrack for Old Dogs Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com I didn’t expect much out of this movie. It seemed to me that I had probably seen everything worth seeing in the previews. Fortunately I was wrong. There were a few good and funny scenes that they saved for us. The […]

Movie review : Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin Buy the soundtrack for Ninja Assassin Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com [ No Spoilers ] The previews billed this as the greatest ninja movie ever. We’ll you guys just go on thinking that. But we all know it’s not true. This is a great movie for people who like really bad acting […]

Movie review : The Blind Side

The Blind Side [ no spoilers ] This is without question the best role I’ve seen Sandra Bullock perform and she was certainly up to the task. Most of the roles I have seen her in are of the quirky woman variety – Miss Congeniality, All About Steve, Speed, etc – or the woman in […]

Movie review : The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Buy the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com Let me say first off that I didn’t hate this movie. In fact I sort of enjoyed it even though I’m not remotely in the target demographic. And you have to give kudos to the […]

Movie review : Planet 51

Planet 51 Buy the soundtrack for Planet 51 Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com I was hoping this would be better than it was. I think the only really funny bits were the alien pet and Rover. The novelty of an alien planet going through our version of the 50s was okay at times. Of […]

Movie review : 2012

2012 Buy the soundtrack for 2012 Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com 2012 was a disaster and I mean that in a good way. Not a great movie but wow does Roland Emmerich know how to tell a disaster story. And if you like disaster movies, like I do, then maybe this is a great […]