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User Feedback Request for the Peeple’s Poll

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We’re finishing up the final touches of the new RunPee:NX app — rebuilt from scratch using Google Flutter. I have a simple, but important, question for all RunPee users that I’d love to get feedback on:

Do you think the Peeple’s Poll should be base 10 or base 100? By that I mean: should the scores look like 8.3/10 or 83/100?

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the app design showing what it would look like in both instances.

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I did some checking and currently movie rating systems are all over the map. IMDb uses a base 10, MetaCritic uses base 100, Rottentomatoes uses a percent base, which is basically base 100.

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LBeeCat, 05/27/2022

Movie Watching Must Have!!

I go feral for this app. I love it so much and I wish everyone knew about it and used it. It is incredibly useful and I would be devastated if this app ever disappeared. Things I love: 1) the pee times! It’s so handy to know the best time to go and then read the synopsis of what’s happening while I’m gone. I never have to worry about missing the good bits! 2) knowing if there is a post-credits scene or not. This might be my fav feature because I would have missed out on some pretty critical scenes if it weren’t for RunPee. 3) the movie review and viewer rankings. This info has made me watch some movies that I normally wouldn’t and it’s nice seeing things outside of my usual scope. 4) that it’s a small family run business. I love shopping small and it really does feel like I’m part of the RunPee family! If you reach out to them, Dan will personally respond to you and he is so warm and helpful. GET THIS APP AND THEN SUBSCRIBE! It is absolutely worth it and you’ll be using it again and again!

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Get the RunPee app at the Google Play Store     Get the RunPee app at the Google Play Store

The RunPee app is currently base 10, but the data is actually stored in base 100. Changing the display would be fairly easy to do. Personally, I like the look of base 100 better myself. My wife, who wrote the code for the new charts, leans toward base 10. But, we both agree this is something that is better left to the users. If there’s a solid consensus toward base 100 we’ll make the switch. So please give us your vote and if you have anything to add please do so in the comments below.


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12 responses to “User Feedback Request for the Peeple’s Poll”

  1. I like base 100 because of the better/worse metrics – other than that I don’t have a preference.

  2. 100 🙂

  3. Mathematically speaking there’s no real difference.

    I think the first screen shot (above) which has decimal fractions showing might unsettle more people as they may seem more complicated… something with a change of -0.3 might seem more complex than a change of -3.

    I’d go with base 100.

  4. I’d use 100 because it requires 1 less character 83 vs 8.3. Can you tell I’m an engineer 🙁

  5. Hi Melissa, thanks for taking the time to give me your feedback.

  6. Thanks for the feedback. I agree. Even though mathematically they’re identical “-0.3” feels less meaningful than “-3”.

  7. LOL, yeah it’s pretty obvious. 🙂

  8.  Avatar

    Just to dogpile, yeah base 100 looks and feels better.

  9. Agreed indeed on Base 100. I like simple numbers! More satisfying.

  10. Erick Morales Avatar
    Erick Morales

    I say base 10. Cleaner look and the number carries more weight. Lets use a rating of 7 out of 10 and 70 out of 100 for example. Sure, they’re essentially the same thing. But, because there are only three notches between 7 and 10 rather than thirty notches between 70 and 100, the base 10 option means the rating holds more weight. Base 100 is too wide a system IMO. What makes a movie with a 76/100 rating better than a 75/100? Or worse than a 77/100? Too much nuance in a base 100 system.

  11. The thing is, Erick, that the nuance is still going to be there. I’d agree if the ratings were just based on the subjective thoughts of the reviewer but, I believe, these ratings are going to be based on the scores submitted by the app users and then averaged.

    That level of accuracy is quite low so just be thankful it doesn’t go to three or four decimal places!

  12. I would agree that base 10 is “cleaner” but we are decimal placed in the RunPee app. So a movie with a 76/100 would be a 7.6/10 in the RunPee app — exactly the same issue. My real problem with base 10 is in displaying the difference between Expectation and Final ratings. A movie that is +4 above expectation looks better than +0.4. Do you agree?

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