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The Most Popular Movies/Documentaries About the Dangers of Vaping

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Vaping in Society

The immense popularity of vaping has been surprising for many at first, but now everyone just takes it for granted. Vaping is a real alternative to smoking. Firstly, it was even considered healthy, but now all of us know that vaping is as harmful as smoking because a person gets nicotine in both cases. The main advantage of vaping is convenience. It is easier to use vaping devices than cigarettes both at home and on the road in practice.

That is also considered to be more fun than vaping. There exist about 10 thousand flavors, which can be interchangeably used. Those who like experiments enjoy this option a lot. One can use different flavors every day and thus get a new, interesting experience every day. It is proven that our brains like something new. It produces some hormones, which make us thrilled about the activity.

If one adds the possibility of using a weed vape pen (https://vapingdaily.com/vaporizers/weed-pens/) for 10 thousand usual flavors, the chances of happiness do skyrocket compared to usual cigarette use. And though many consider vaping to be an activity for teens and young adults, that is not true. Firstly, it is illegal to vape if you are under 18. Here I mean all types of vaping devices, not just a dry herb vaporizer pen, which obviously cannot be used freely by everyone.

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Where Do People Find More Information About Vaping?

When vaping devices had just appeared, the main marketing strategy was word-of-mouth advertising. However, later marketing managers started advertising from billboards and other types of outdoor advertising to product placements in films like The Tourist and celebrity endorsements. Sometimes, celebrities used vape pens without even getting money for that, like Leo DiCaprio. He did enjoy the activity.

For sure, today, there exist more sources of credible information about vaping. The most important source of information on vaping is scientific articles. Scientists conduct various studies into the field of substances that various e-liquid vaping devices use and the impact of the best dry herb vape pen use on different individuals. Scientists try to predict the long-term outcomes of vaping based on short-term ones.

However, there are not many people who enjoy reading scientific articles. Just imagine yourself sitting at the fireplace in your house, with the cat napping on your lap, with a cup of relaxing herbal tea, and reading research on vaping. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? That is why some enthusiasts worldwide decided to create some documentary movies that will quench your thirst with trustworthy information on vaping.

Our Top 6 Documentaries On Vaping

  • Trust  Me I’m A Doctor (2014)

This is a documentary released by BBC in 2014. In fact, this is often called a survival guide, even though that is not exactly true. The film shows the story of a doctor. His name is Michael Mosley. The main point is that he has never used any inhaling products in his entire life. The whole film is a diary of Michael Mosley. He decided to conduct an experiment where he used himself instead of a lab rat. So, he started using various things that could help to combat nicotine addiction. Simultaneously, he does blood tests daily to check what is happening with his body. That is the most interesting point in the film, so do not miss it.

  1. Vape Life Documentary – EP1|EP2 (2014-2015)

This film is multi-episode, which takes more of your time than the others, and at the same time, gives you more information than the others. The first episode focuses more on the issue of nicotine intake, nicotine addiction, and how society reacts to the existing nicotine products. The second part of the documentary consists of scientific information on vaping devices, their history, development, and other details that a real vaping geek (or expert) wants to know. For sure, everything is presented for everyone to understand, so watching this can be a pleasure even if you are not a scientist.

  1. A Billion Lives (2016)

Aaron Biebert directed the film. It was released in 2016. The film tells about the way our choice can change our lives. In the story, one can see the revolution of vaping and how it can result in billions of deaths. Generally, the film is rather critical of nicotine intake in general. It presents the World Health Organisation (WHO) data on premature deaths caused by smoking. It should reach a billion lives this century and even more in the future. The film shows that the nicotine trade keeps being profitable, and governments just get their advantages from it instead of fighting it and having healthier nations. All in all, a wide range of topics are presented in the film, and all of them are in a way related to nicotine intake.

  1. Vape Wave (2016)

Jan Kounen directed the film. The idea of this film is in a detailed view of vaping culture and its peculiarities. It does not cover the United States only but tries to depict it worldwide. The way various cultures change to accept vaping culture or how they fight against it. What is more, the film tries to uncover the reasons for vaping to become so popular worldwide and the cultural grounds existing for this fame. The film is also a spectacular information presentation, so it would be fun to watch it. I believe it grips one’s attention just after watching the trailer.

  1. Beyond The Cloud (2017)

Sébastien Duijndam and Ghyslain Armand decided to show what happens when people are vapers. In case you are eager to try a vape pod or dry herb vape pen, watch this one first. The film consists of several interviews from different spheres of vaping trade. The aim is to unveil the processes surrounding vaping for all these years and show people what is happening. The documentary reflects the way society reacts to vaping devices and vaping as an activity in general. The documentary shows reality in how many of our friends, relatives, and even we see it.

  1. You Don’t Know Nicotine (2020)

Aaron Biebert also directed this film four years after A Billion Lives. In the new film, he discovers how a person builds their relationship with nicotine and how nicotine affects its users’ lives. The documentary was shot all over the United States and told about all kinds of people, starting from those who cannot help living without smoking or vaping and ending up with those who have never consumed nicotine as a first-hand user.


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