That Awkward Moment – movie review

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ThatAwkwardMomentGrade: B
That Awkward Moment probably won’t go on your shelf with the great romantic comedies, like When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire, and Pretty Woman, but it might make it to the shelf right below that.

One of my knocks about many romantic movies is that the relationships often feel like a kludge. For instance in the English Patient, not a comedy for sure but rooted in a romance, I never understood why the two main characters sacrificed so much for each other. I felt like I was told a story instead of seeing a story. Thankfully that’s not the case in Awkward Moment.

Two of the relationship stories told in the movie are compelling. It was easy to see why the couples were together even though sometimes they didn’t want to be. The third, involving Mikey and Vera, wasn’t as well explored and felt a little flat. But there wasn’t as much focus placed on that aspect of the story so it’s easy to look past it.

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The actors definitely seemed like they had a great time working together and there were numerous funny moments and a few hilarious ones. (Don’t you just hate it when a romantic comedy isn’t really a comedy?)

If you’re jonesing to get out and see a rom-com then I think you’ll enjoy That Awkward Moment.

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