Quiz – The Hunt for Red October

Hunter Killer is going gangbusters at the box office. Since everyone is excited about this movie, I should pay homage to the submarine genre by doing a quiz on The Hunt For Red October.

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The Hunt For Red October is a timeless piece of cinema history. I’ve seen this movie a number of times, and one of the great pleasures of watching it is also listening to the soundtrack.
Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

Movie Review – Hunter Killer


Movie Review - Hunter KillerIt’s movies like this that make me love my job. I went in expecting to be bored since this type of movie never appealed to me. After watching this one, I am going to take the weekend to watch Hunt For Red October and any other submarine movie I can find. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire time.

The action that happens is intense. The timing of what they need to accomplish is literally down to the wire. They have no room for error and it was awesome to see it come together.

Just watching how they navigate the submarine was enjoyable, and seriously stressful. The way they handle them, and the orders being given with a fraction of a second response needed. Phew, total intensity.

The acting was amazing. Gerard Butler is an intense guy already, now you throw him into this environment and he steps it up even more. My hats off to him. Impressive Mr. Butler, well played.

I would recommend this movie to anyone. There is something in it for every person out there. Really, I’m absolutely not trying to fluff this movie up; it does it all by itself. For a movie that is not my forte, it changed my mind and that is very hard to do. I am set in my ways and hate change. But this movie changed my mind from the get go and kept me entranced.

Grade: A+

About The Peetimes: This movie is nonstop action and intrigue. Peetimes were extraordinarily hard to do. This is a movie where your eyes are glued to the screen from start to finish. The 3 times I chose will help, but be warned, this is a movie that never quits. No lulls at all.

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Hunter Killer. (What we mean by Anything Extra.)